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University Of Tenn

My husband and I are looking into Graduate school and one of the options is Tennessee. We were in Knoxville once driving through and have heard great things but do not know much about the school and the area. We are now in Philadelphia Suburbs so it will certainly be a change but a good one..thoughts and advice would be great: )?

Re: University Of Tenn

  • What sort of specific questions do you have ? I got my undergraduate degree at UT. What are you guys looking to study?
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  • Yes if I had more specific questions I might could direct you where to find info.  Our local newspaper is www.knoxnews.com,, the local tourist website is www.knoxville.org which gives you the "happenings" arond town.  Hope this helps.

  • what is the area like things to do that sort of thing..he is getting a degree in geography i am getting my mfa in graphic design. I just wanted a better idea of where we were heading that is all. Any advice about the school would be fabulous
  • We are speaking of UTK, right?I have not lived in Knoxville in 10 years but still visit from time to time. Its great if you are outdoorsy. You are very close to really pretty spots and day trips to Asheville, NC. I would see if there is an online version of the UTK paper, the Daily Beacon and the Knoxville free paper, Metro Pulse will give you some more info. As far as the school, I would try to get a bike to get around if you can. It can be pretty spread out and parking was always an issue.  I am not sure if they have remedied that.
  • Thanks for the tips :)
  • I am a UTK grad and loved it there. It is mostly a college town, so lots of young people and fun bars, etc. I know some of their grad programs are known to be very good, but don't know much about your specific areas!

    Like pp said, the mountains are gorgeous - lots of hiking and camping nearby. My sister just graduated this year, and every time I go back to visit, it is a little more hip as far as the restaurants and shopping :) The Old Town is kind of artsy and a more mature crowd, and there is of course the Strip near campus that is more wild.

    UT football is a BIG deal - I converted from hating football to "bleeding orange" during my years in Knoxville. Basketball is also pretty big, especially lately with the men and women's teams both doing well. Good luck!

  • I finished grad school at UTK about 1 1/2 yr ago and absolutely loved it.  Depending on what program you are looking to enter most of them try very hard to incorporate you into the area.  Good luck!
  • I live in Knoxville right now.  I am a transplant whereas my DH is a local.  This town is centered around football so if you decide to move here, be prepared to wear UT orange!!!  The downtown area is in the process of being re-vamped.  Lots of new trendy lofts and new stores and trendy bars.  Tons of awesome concerts year round too!  The strip is always popular for tailgating and bar hopping.


    Anyway, I could tell you more depending on which part of K-town you want to live.  Just let me know. 

    Good luck!

  • I'm a little late coming to the discussion but my DH and I moved to Knoxville last fall from northern Delaware (also basically the Philly suburbs) and love it.  Winters are fabulous (two small dustings of snow last winter).  Lots of hiking, etc to do in the area.  Knoxville is also your typical college town.  I grew up in Wisconsin and it reminds me of Madison. 
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