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Suggestions on detoxing

So recently I've just felt...well...icky.  I've felt like I need to cleanse my insides and detox.  I've done a little research....one is to intake more water & raw foods.  Another thing I was looking at was to find a place that offers cheap body wraps....all though I think you have to do a series of them of a set course of time...too broke to do that.


Then I looked at holistic and herbal medicine/acupuncture places in the area....again seems expensive....unless someone can suggest otherwise.


I can probably do one session of a body wrap & the diet is easy.  I've been thinking about breaking out the 3 ballerina's tea we have, but the last time I took that it was painful, i think I drank too much of it & I let it steep too long


.....but is there any thing else you girls can think of that will help me kick this gunky feeling I have.....oh yeah I've tried a 3 day liquid diet.....DH & I didn't last a day on that. 



Re: Suggestions on detoxing

  • My sister swears by colonics. She lives in L.A. and I guess everyone out there gets them. She says she feels so much better after all the crap (literally) is removed from her body. Not the most pleasant experience, but it does remove a lot of built up toxins. Last time she did it (before she ran her latest marathon) she lost 6 lbs of material from her intestines. YUCK!


    I have done the body wraps at Suddenly Slender...I did it to fit into my wedding dress years ago, but they really do make you feel cleaner. It is pretty gross to see all the toxins (they are a yellowish /brownish/orangeish color) tht your body sweats out throughout the process. Plus, the wraps make your skin sooooo soft and smooth. Added benefit. I only did the wrap once, and it was about $100. I went to the place on Belcher Rd. in Clearwater.


    Also, talk to the people at your local health food store. My hairdresser felt yucky and gross for a long time, and she is being treated for a systemic yeast infection with herbs and such, and she claims she feels like a new person.

    Best of luck!


  • I tried the Lemonade diet/cleanse and actually made it 5 days.  Although you're supposed to start off with a minimum of 10 days, it was damn near impossible.  I followed it to a tee and I have to admit that after the 5 days I really did feel refreshed, rejuvenated and "ick-free".  I also gained a bit of mental clarity as well.

    That's just my personal experience, good luck with your choice and I hope it works out the way you want it to. :-)

  • I've done the Isagenix cleanse twice.  I really like it and feel awesome afterwards!  it is 9 days, with 2 optional pre-cleanse days...  you can check out info here:  www.isagenix.com
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