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Glass top stoves...luv em...hate em

First I want to say I miss our gas range when we were living in St. Pete. That stove was a dream for us.  We have had for a few years now a white **shudders** glass top stove.


Every time I cook something on it the pots leave crusted crap on it....even if I didn't spill a thing.  I could be using the wrong pots for that stove.  I certainly know I'm not supposed to use copper bottomed pots and pans.


 Or maybe I'm using the wrong cleaner....Ceram-a-bryte....something along those lines.  That stove is the bane of my existence in that kitchen.


Anyone have the same problem or fixed this problem?

Re: Glass top stoves...luv em...hate em

  • I have a black glass top stove.  I love it.  The only thing I don't like about it is it shows dust.  To clean it I use Weiman's glass top stove cleaner.  I also wipe up spills with the Scotch Brite no scratch sponges (the blue ones).  I have a razor blade handy to get any caked on junk that won't come off with the above mentioned products.  I have a set of T-Fal pots & pans and I don't have any problems with them leaving anything on the stove (except when I spill something, which happens quite often!!).
  • Hi - I love, love, love my glass top stove.  To clean it can be a hassle, but I think I got the hang of it.  Like pp mentioned, I  too use the classic white-creamy stove top cleaner.  Before using it though, I use a razer blade to remove the gunk that spilled onto the stove top.  Then, with a non-scratch sponge (same blue one mentioned), and with some water and dish soap, I clean / scrub the cooktop.  With paper towels, and remove the excess water and dirt.  Finally, I buff the cooktop with the white stove top cleaner. 

    For hard to remove gunk, Goo-B-Gone works wonders!  Let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then remove with blade or sponge.

    I also remove the knobs to clean , as sometimes food / oil / water splatters underneath the knobs.

    -- Jackie
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