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Open letter to friend

Please don't mind me.. I just need to vent even more.


Dear Old Friend


We have been though some tough times before.  We?ve been friends now for 10 years.  You helped me get my job in insurance (at a different office than you) when I lived back in Wisconsin.  I was there for you when you become an insurance agent and saw all the success you had.  I was happy for you and helped you through the tough times of depression, we always had each others back. 


I was happy when you found my best friend a job in insurance at a different office.  You?ve known her and I are good friends but I didn?t like hearing that you LOST your job as an insurance agent because you FORGED a document.  How could you do this? You always had good morals.  Not only did you lose your job, you lost all of your licenses and are now banned from practicing insurance or working in an insurance office.   You are going to have a hard time finding another job.  You?ve done some rather immature things in the past but you have no job, you have a 4 year old daughter, and you?re only 27 why would you do this?


What?s bothering me even more is the fact that you didn?t tell me this happened.  I found out from my best friend TODAY when yet this happened at the beginning of the month.  I talked to you last week and you didn?t even have the guts to tell me. 


If I?m distant for a while, you know why and I hope you?re going to be ok



Ok vent over.  If you've read this all and can offer advice please do.  I'm so mad at him for being so stupid and risking everything in his life. 

*I reserve the right to DD this later*

Re: Open letter to friend

  • i know you're just venting... but, maybe the reason he didn't tell you is because he was scared that you would judge him (and, it seems like his fears may be a correct assumption...)
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  • I can understand how disappointed you are, but it's really not surprising that he wouldn't tell you this, is it?  He knew he screwed up and he knew you would be mad about it.

    Again, I understand completely why you're upset, but you really only have a couple choices here... support him as a friend, or if you can't do that, then be upfront with him about why you can't.  But, don't spend a lot of energy internalizing HIS mistakes... KWIM?

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  • Ouch. I understand you're upset, but maybe now isn't the time to distance yourself from him. It sounds like he could really use a friend right now.



  • I know you're venting here and not to your friend but I would be careful how you're handling this so he doesn't feel worse than he probably already does. It sounds like you've made your friend's bad mistake about you and I think that's a little self-involved. It's his life that's in dire straits right now, not yours. As pps said he didn't tell you because he was embarrassed and apparently rightly so. It sounds like he's been a good friend (getting you and another friend a job, for example). I'm sure you're a good friend and frustrated that he didn't tell you but you really shouldn't take it personally. JMHO.
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  • you sound really hurt/dissapointed.  I am sorry. 

    i hope you are able to talk to your friend rather then send him a letter. he probably needs you right now. and was probably too embarrassed to tell you what happened.  i hope you guys get to work through this!

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