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By request: Displaced DC Nestie Check-In on Thursday

I wish it were Friday. I've had a very, very productive week, but it's been long. And the training is getting long, which is translating into things around my house falling behind.

This weekend we are going to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. It will be quite the drive, but it was a compromise since DH is going through SO MUCH at work and wanted to go unwind in Vegas this weekend...which would not have been good for my training.

I have come to the conclusion that my need for sleep is more important that my ambitions, and I need to back off of a few things. Ot at least put them off until 15 hours of my week aren't dedicated to training. (Then whatever will I do with myself?)

On a big upside, I did just find out that I might be headed to DC for a conference in November...whoo hoo!!!

How's everyone else?

Re: By request: Displaced DC Nestie Check-In on Thursday

  • Oooh! I asked for this!!  YAY :) 

    Things are crazy, crazy at work.  Demotions, Firings... it's just nuts.  My job is okay but still it's hard to work in this environment.  We are going to DC this weekend for a friend's wedding!  YAY!  Super excited about that and to see my friends!! 

    I have been really watching what I eat and exercising everyday this week.  I need to lose a bunch of weight for a wedding I'm in over Mem weekend and well, to be healthy, skinnier, blah blah blah.  Day 4 and I'm hungry.  I should join that HH club you got going AJ! 

    AJ- Good call saying no to Vegas for your training!  AND yes, you NEED to put yourself and sleep above other random tasks/clubs/activities.  I learned that one too back in NoVA...   

  • Things are great here. Work is rocking my socks off, it's been a little stressful this week but only because of technology. First our phones went down, then the internet, then I thought my computer died (the mouse batteries ran it, first time it's happened so I had no clue), then the sink clogged up. So that has made me a little frazzeled.
    Home life is super swell. My exercise is going swimmingly, but doesn't involve swimming, today I'm headed out on a 4.5 mile walk that we do in 90 minutes. A nice swift pace, then Sunday we're going to do a day hike and take the dogs, but not Geraldine, at 96 (14 in human years) I don't want to hike either.
    We decided to postpone house buying for 6 weeks. By then we will know definitevly if John has a job next year or not. He's been verbally told that his is mission critical, but until we have paper in hand I am nervous about making this big of a purchase.
    Just signed the nieces up for camp today and getting ready for them too.
    Hope all is well with ya'll.
  • I like this being on Thursdays...for some reason, I just don't feel like posting on Fridays after work!  Good suggestion 2Traverlz and thanks AJ! 

    My job is going well - learning things quite rapidly and am trying not to rock the boat too much.  I've been changing a lot and I think some people were freaking out.  So I'm not doing that as much anymore.  Patients are starting to get more comfortable around me and I'm building raport with them.  That is the hardest part.  But at least all my health care customer service trainings are coming in handy!  

    We did a lot of landscaping last weekend and our house looks beautiful!  At least I think it does :) I even bonded with DH's grandmother because she loved our primroses so much she wanted some of her own!  It was quite nice :)  But I think spring has helped my mood and the flowers have too. I'm also taking yoga and I'm loving it.

    Udo turned one last weekend and we threw him a little party...it was really entertaining.  We made him a cake and our family sang happy birthday to him.  Some people made fun of us but it was really funny :)

    AJ - yay for looking forward to a DC trip in November!  Always good to have something to look forward too.  :)

    2Travelerz - have fun at your friends wedding this weekend!  it should be beauitful weather!

    MZ - Technology at work is always holding me up...hate that!  That is a great walk!  I'd die at 4.5 miles right now...we are working on that though!

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  • once i get through these finals i will have a life back and may actually have a chance to do some fun things. and it would be really nice if it would warm up enough for me to head to the beach.



  • membren...do you have photos from Udo's party? And just why don't you want to drunk nest on Friday's with the rest of us? (Okay, some of us that have no lives...)
  • Hi everyone!  This week has been hectic.  DH is freaking a bit over swine flu (doesn't help that for the past two years he's been investigating how much the gov't sucks at disaster preparedness) so today was the last day I'll be doing any organized activities with BabyCrown.   Now I have to actually set up play dates, ugh.  BabyCrown is also teething, so sleep has been totally interrupted combined with him starting to crawl on Sunday and doing a little bit of cruising (walking while holding onto furniture).  I can no longer sit him on the floor with some toys while I do the dishes, before I know it, he's pulling books off of the bookcases!!  So yay for achievement, but I'm exhausted running after him!!

    I did get my garden planted on Sunday, and we got our front yard weeded and looking pretty good.  I've got 5 (out of six) lilies up and some irises.  Last year was such a sucky spring that I'm really excited about what's growing!  And our cherry & apple trees are covered in blossoms!!

  • I'm pretty good. I started bootcamp this week... every morning from 7-8. It's killing me. I'm super sore, and the hours suck. I work until 10 every night, so getting up at 6 is brutal. BUT, I am really enjoying the actual camp, and hopefully I'll see some good results in the next few weeks. It's also preparing me for the hard work in Ecuador, which is just six weeks away. We're taking four students with us, which should be mighty interesting.

    The Mini Cooper is totally f-ed. They are going to be able to fix it, but it's going to take at least three weeks, and the estimate is $10k. Thank goodness for insuarance, and that it wasn't my fault!

    All the rest of our free time is being spent on the house hunt. We have some good contenders, and we're going to go through the preapproval process next week!

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  • MrsT - crawling...a whole new adventure!

    VT - good luck house hunting! And I am so envious of the boot camp, good for you!

    hs....I hope finals go really well for you.

  • oh yay!  i'm glad people enjoy the thurs displaced check in! 

    happy friday everyone! :)

  • AJ - I will post pics soon!  :)  I only got a couple but we have a new computer...need to put all the software on it! 

    VT - glad that they can fix the mini but I'm so sorry it's going to take so long :(  that sucks

     MrsT - hope that the baby gets through teething without too much pain!  glad that being a stay at home mom is going well!! :)

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