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Fraud Alert

I just looked at our statement - and there was a fraudulent charge from "TWX". I googled it and its a magazine company. I was pretty sure i'd seen TWX on a previous statement so I did a quite search and sure enough, both charges totaled about $86.00. I didn't think anything of it before, because DH was thinking about ordering some magazines like The Week, so i figured thats what it was from.

Anyways - apparenlty they've partnered up with electronix stores like FYE and Best Buy and at the check out they'll get you to sign up for free magazines and then go behind your back and give TWX your account information and TWX will charge you for the magazines (DH did just buy something from FYE within the last month, but he doesnt remember signing up for any magazines - so its anyones guess how he got roped into this).

I just got off the phone with TWX (after about 45 mins of research on some blogs about it - people are pissed!) and I found the right number, and I got them to cancel the subscription and refund our money. I'm also alerting our bank of this.

Such BS! Although, i'm lucky it was easily corrected.

Re: Fraud Alert

  • You're lucky you got them to cancel.  We got stuck paying $78.73 for a year because we took an online survey after a purchase with Best Buy.  When we complained to both Best Buy and TMX they said there was nothing they could do about it.  We even complained to the CC company who attempted to deal with TMX.  It sucked.  The reason we got forced into paying is because we didn't read the fine print and didn't cancel two of the three magazines we ended up getting.  We wanted two of the three!
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