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Do you know much about the Britax? I don't know what kind to get. I have a ford explorer so size isn't much of an issue. But I don't want a huge one. I was looking at the diplomat, the roundabout and marathon. The Diplomat has a pattern i love but is cheaper but has extra padding. I am so confused.

The diplomat

Re: Lori-

  • I also have a Ford Explorer and have the Marathon (which was recommended by friends with them) and we love it!  Not sure what the weight limits are but we the other reason we picked the Marathon is because it goes up to 65lbs.
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  • Oh, wow. The diplomat only goes to 40.

    Thanks for the help! I think I will jsut get a tan one. Sorry Mary...once again no pink.

  • Bogus. The tan one isn't available. I guess I will jsut get one that matches the car. I guess that's better in the long run anyway. Just blends in. :)
  • The one we got is black/gray.  I got it on sale about 6 months ago through the military (my dad) for the same price through  Even having to buy diapers to get the discounts isn't a bad deal!  I use a lot anyway...too bad we don't need another carseat!  :-)  Glad I could help!
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