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Door to door magazine sells - vent

I live in Nashville and am getting bombarded by young people selling magazines all with the same scam-sounding pitch. I am over it! One guy came today around lunch as I was leaving and I point blank asked if he was selling magazines, and he said no. Five minutes into his pitch of course the magazine list comes out. Anyone else getting hit up all the time? Gah! I hate it. Ok, vent over!

Re: Door to door magazine sells - vent

  • I don't have this problem anymore. When we lived in our apartment we had a big problem with this. Once the guy got mad that we wouldn't by magazines and spit all over our door. These people are crack heads ( I don't even mean that in the funny way).

    The sales company takes a group of people and drops them off in an area. They have to go door to door and sell. They are picked up after a few hours.

    A Knoxville woman was murdered by one of these people several years ago.


  • Here's a article about this type of business: http://tinyurl.com/5thcjw
  • I could have written this same post! We get those kids at our house about once a week. They always come during dinner or late in the evening. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to answer my door for some stranger at 8pm at night!

    Ugh, I was at home for lunch just yesterday and a guy came to the door for a pitch. I cut him off immediately and told him I didn't have time for him and basically shut the door in his face. LOL. He looked a little shocked...but really, I'm done with being nice. No southern hospitality from me!

  • Oh god, that is a horrible article!!! I usually ignore them and hide in my house. Is there something we can do about this? Call the Hillsboror Neighborhood Association?


  • I usually just dont answer my door if it is someone I dont know. ?
  • Hey Addie, they got me at lunchtime yesterday, too, as I was leaving. Scared the crap out of me! Here I am pregnant and feeling vulnerable, and there is a stranger on my doorstep. I hate it! My door was cracked or I would have hidden and let them go to another house. I think an email to the neighborhood association would be good but I dont know how we actually stop them. But it is getting out of control these days!
  • I wonder if it was the same guy? LOL. I usually hide in my house, too.  I had just walked in the door and stupidly answered it thinking it was the postman or something.

     I sent Kevin that article and he said we're never answering the door again!


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