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Anyone done Lasik?

Who did you go to? Any docs that should be avoided? What was your experience? Worth it? Any complications? Do/did you have an astigmatism?

The though of it terrifies me (cutting on my eye..."lifting" the flap...gross) but I'm getting sick of paying SO much for contacts. I think I need to start looking into it!

Re: Anyone done Lasik?

  • I had it done in August of 2007 and it was so worth it. I went to Clearview Eyecare in Southlake....?http://www.clearviewlaservision.com/

    I've always said that if I could do it, ANYONE can do it b/c I'm soooo paranoid about having my eyes touched. I couldn't even do the eye puff machine that they used ?to make you do at your annual appointment. Luckily, they don't even have that machine there since everything is so advanced nowadays.

    The only "complication" I had, which couldn't have been avoided was bruising underneath the whites of my eyes which caused red spots to appear for 2-3 weeks after. But this was b/c I was so blind before and the laser had to be on each eye for around 1 minute each. I did have an astigmatism (a bad one) that was corrected completely. I have better than 20/20 vision now. ?

  • Thank you! It absolutely freaks me out, but I'm sick of paying $500+ a year for contacts alone!

    Did you feel anything at all during the procedure? How long did it take? How quick was recovery (not for your vision to fully correct, but any weird after stuff)?

  • Well, I've been told I'm the exception to the rule but, afterward, my eyes did burn for a couple of hours. But again, that was b/c they had the laser on there for so long. All of my friends/family who have had it done, did not have any burning at all. It was similar to getting shampoo in your eyes for me. But honestly, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat if it meant no more $ on contacts for many years to come.?

    I hope this doesn't scare you off. At Clearview, they do a one-on-one Q&A session and eye exam with you before you even have to decide you want to go through with it. I think they might have been a little bit pricier than a few other doctors, but it was worth it to me b/c I never felt rushed and everyone was very professional and kind.

  • Oh, and no, I didn't feel anything during the actual procedure. They put numbing drops in your eyes before they do anything. Which is a weird sensation, but later on, I was wishing I had some more of those to get rid of the burning. They also have some sort of contraption to keep both of your lids open during the procedure to make sure the laser is right on the eye the whole time.
  • Thanks! No, that doesn't scare me off! At least doesn't scare me anymore than I already am! haha.. The only part that really freaks me out is the lifting of the flap. For some reason that absolutely grosses me out. Typically, I'm really good with my eyes. I don't mind any of the tests at the eye docs, have no problems touching my own eyes, Just the thought of it being cut (lasered/whatever) open then LIFTED. Ew! Thanks for the info though, I'll have to check them out. I don't mind paying more for someone who's really going to do a great job.

  • I was really nervous the day of and told them ahead of time that I probably would be. So they told me they could give me a low dose of Valium. So I took it, but it didn't have have enough time to kick in before they started. So just ask them if they can give that to you early. (or if you have your own, take it before you leave.) You'll have to have a designated driver w/ you that day anyway! hahaha!
  • I went to Dr. Boothe almost 5 years ago. ?The bad thing about his office is they see so many patients you feel like you're cattle. ?The wait can be long, too.

    However, my actual procedure went perfectly. ?There is no pain, although I remember feeling pressure when the laser was doing its job. ?Afterward, you have to put a TON of eyedrops in your eyes. ?My eyes have continued to be a little on the dry side ever since. ?The worst part of the whole thing was I couldn't sleep with my ceiling fan on for 3 months and I ALWAYS sleep with my fan. ?Oh, and I did have moderate astigmatism and ?mild nearsightedness. ?Now I have better than 20/20 vision.

    ?Bite the bullet and just do it! ?It's so much better than having to wear glasses and contacts.?

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  • I had it done when I was living in Denver and I would say it was a life changing experience. Prior to Lasik, I couldn't see the clock in the morning when it was sitting less than 3 feet from me.  After the surgery, I went home and took a nap and by the time I woke up, I could read the ticker on the bottom of Sports Center.  I remember crying because I couldn't believe that I had been given the gift of sight.

     The procedure itself was painless, its just weird to know that someone is cutting into your eye.  The valium didn't work for me because I was SOOO nervous going in, but it literally took less than 60 seconds per eye.  My Lasik was really expensive ($5,000) because I did it about 5 years ago and went to the best Doctor in town.  For me, it was worth it and I would pay that amount over and over again. 

    Right now, my vision is still 20/20 and I have no side effects. 

  • My husband had his done by Dr. Boothe in November or December last year, and he absolutely loves it.  He was bruised too with the red spots that lasted for a while, but they eventually went away.  He recommends it to everyone.  It's kinda funny because he was always challenging me when he first got it done pointing at far away things..."can you read this?  can you read that?"  then he'd give me a hard time about having good sight naturally but be so excited that now he could see it too!
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  • I had it done 5+ years ago too, by Boothe.  It was crowded and he wasn't the most personal fellow, but everyone was very knowledgeable and for the expertise and cost, I went with them.  (I interviewed 3 plus talked to a handful on the phone and they were in the middle/low end cost wise)  The worst part for me was when they flatten your eye so they make the cut.  NO ONE talked about that!  I did panic a little, but it was over pretty quick.  Everything else went smoothly.  When they checked me out later, they were concerned about an infection and they had me use 2-3 different drops to help.  I think it was a preventative thing, cause my eyes felt fine and looked fine (like above, I had a couple red, bloody spots, but nothing else funny).

    Oh, and I had really bad astigmatism, the left eye worse than the right.  Maybe that's why they had to flatten my eye so much?  Dunno.  I think the left flattening was worse than the right.  They told me beforehand they might have to do 2 procedures for the second cause it was so bad.  But afterwards, it turned out to be the eye with better sight!  No 2nd surgery for me.  I saw better than 20/20... though by now it's probably 20/20.  That's what it was at the last opt appointment.

  • I forgot about the flattening part! They use this suction device thingy before the laser and it felt like a ton of pressure on your eye! It's uncomfortable, but didn't really hurt for me.?
  • I had mine done in 2004 at the Key-Whitman Center & would recommend them. I too wish I would've the valium earlier as someone mentioned.  They told me not to take it until I was there in the office & I don't think it had really kicked in when they started the procedure so I felt super nervous & panicky.  I also wish they would've told me a little more during the procedure about what was going on.  I would be sure to say that up front if I were you...I like reassurance when I don't have any control I guess. When they started my vision went black.  It freaked me out bc I was nervous & possibly starting to feel a little of the valium, so it seemed hard to make my mouth ask whether it was normal or not.  Once I finally asked they said it was fine though.  The recovery was really easy for me.  My eyes did feel dry & really tired.  I tried to do a lot of sleeping for the first 24 hrs.  I wouldn't say the procedure itself was pleasant, but it wasn't terrible & was over quickly.  I do think it's the best decision I've ever made.  It's so wonderful being able to see all the time...middle of the night, right when you wake up, etc.
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