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Anoop - D-

Megan - B-

Danny - A

Matt - B

Lil Rounds - C

Allison - B

Kris - A+

Scott - C

Adam - C?


Anoop should be kicked off just going by tonight's performances but I still think Megan & Scott aren't as strong as the rest.?

Re: AI

  • Sorry, I'm a harsh judge tonight, but they deserved it.

    Anoop - D

    Megan - F

    Danny - A

    Matt - C

    Lil Rounds - D

    Allison - B

    Kris - A

    Scott - F

    Adam - A+

    Sooooo... I'm becoming an Adam fan.  If he keeps that hair in check and stops singing eat-your-soul music, I'm good with him.  Total confession - I voted for him tonight.  Shhhhh...

  • I didn't see everyone. I missed Kris and Adam. I like Adam and his creepy ways. The last time I heard him it was country night. I hope that I didn't mix anyone up.

    Annop- C-

    Megan- F- Bob is rolling in his grave trying to find ear plugs.

    Danny- A He was awesome

    Matt- C- I couldn't even recognize what song he was singing.

    Lil Rounds- C  It is all about song choice.

    Allison- B

    Scott- B


  • Anoop - D

    Megan - C-

    Danny - A

    Matt - A ( I like him alot, just not a great song choice)

    Lil Rounds - C

    Allison - B

    Kris - A

    Scott - C (I fast forwarded thru his song, he annoys me)

    Adam - B 



  • Anoop - C (I fast forwarded through most of his song)

    Megan - F for sucks

    Danny - A

    Matt - B (I saw the judges cringing when he was singing)

    Lil Rounds - C

    Allison - B (I'm not sure why they were getting onto her for her outfit.  She's edgy, I thought they liked that in her)

    Kris - A

    Scott - C (I fast forwarded thru his song, he annoys me - ME TOO)

    Adam - A (He's growing on me)

    Mungee and Me
    How is it that my BABY is going to be 3?

    BFP-2/25/11; 8 Wk U/S-3/25/11-No HB, measured 6.5 wks; D&C
  • Even though we had the show on, I must have mentally checked out for most of it because it was so horrible. Megan scared the crap out of me--like... what WAS that?! Her voice doesn't match her face at all, and I still haven't figured out what she was doing with her hair. And if you're going to sing that, shouldn't you be like... not a fembot while you're doing it?

    Then I momentarily tuned back in when Scott was up there and remarked that if he wants a career playing in hotel lobbies, he still has a ways to go.

  • Megan needs to go.  No

    I don't think the judges were harsh enough with her.  I could barely listen to it or watch her sing it.

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