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When you receive a personal check...

How quickly do you cash it?

If it's from my mom or grandmom or someone, I tell them that it might be a few days until I can get to the bank.

But if we get checks for Emerson, from people who normally don't give us presents, I'll make a special trip to the bank in the next day or two so that they're not waiting on their bank statements.

I'm asking b/c I wrote a check to someone two weeks ago and it still hasn't been cashed.  I'm accounting for it when I check my balance online, but c'mon, deposit it already!

Re: When you receive a personal check...

  • I usually wait to cash until I thank the person.  We don't go to the bank regularly so it's usually about a week before it would get cashed.
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  • a very long time. . .months sometimes.  I got a check from my SIL's mother in November for Ella - she actually sent me an email last month asking if we had depositied it yet - I was so ashamed. . . I'm just bad about going to the bank.

    eta - I sent a TY note a week after I got it.

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  • It just depends how much free time I have and how bad I need the money. I rarely go to my bank - it's in a shopping center that's a huge PITA to park in. I have direct deposit and when I need cash I just go to the ATM there before work (when the bank is closed) or I get cash at the grocery store.
  • image TheLinkBride:
    I usually wait to cash until I thank the person.  We don't go to the bank regularly so it's usually about a week before it would get cashed.

    ditto this - I have some birthday checks I still need to cash (it's been two weeks)...the ATM is just not something that is near work or home, so we would have to drive through the awesome Bel Air traffic just to do it! 

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  • A week at the longest. It is one of my biggest pet peeves when personal checks aren't deposited quickly. After two weeks I start to get kinda annoyed, depending on the person/situation.
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  • If it's my responsibility to do it, then it takes a few weeks.  If DH is taking care of it, it's usually done within a few days since he works 2 blocks from both of our banks.
  • ha, I'm so bad at this, sometimes weeks, my grandmother hates giving me checks, one time it was 6 months before I cashed it. I just forget about it.  If it's for a big occasion, like when I graduated college, I deposited them all at once the day or two after my graduation party, but if it's just a random check here and there I forget.....
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  • I'm really bad about getting to the bank, so I'm guilty of carrying a check around for a couple of weeks before I cash it.  I figure if folks keep an accurate checkbook where they listed when the check was written, it's unlikely to impact their knowledge of their balance.
  • I usually do a weekly deposit...  so the most ppl wait is 2 weeks.  I get expense checks almost every week for work.
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  • I try to cash within a few days.  I find it extremely rude not to.
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  • Neither DH or I ever go to the bank - unless we have a check to cash, which is basically never. But if I do get a check, I try to deposit it within a week.

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  • I try to get it deposited within a couple weeks.  My bank is sort of a hassle to go to, but I will make the effort if I have checks that need to go in.
  • DH has a check from his grandma for $100 that he has had since January and hasn't cashed.

    I have a check from a year ago from my aunt...the check is for $5.  I'm not going out of my way to cash that puppy.

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  • I am horrible about this.  I try to go to the bank every other Friday to deposit/cash checks, but sometimes I forget.  I really need to work on this! 
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  • If it's a personal check from someone, I try to cash it within a week, 2 at the most.  Otherwise it might take more than 2 weeks!
  • I'm really bad at this because DH and I don't go to the bank all that often. One thing I'm a stickler for is birthday checks. My birthday is February 20th. If my grandparents send me a check earlier in the month, I won't cash it until after my birthday.
  • I know I am an exception to this rule... As I work for the bank... :0)

    But I do see that people do wait to cash/deposit checks. I notice it when I write someone a check and when I see people coming in to make their deposits.

    And just an FYI... unless the check specifically says anything on the front as in "valid for 60 days from this date" or something, most banks will "stale date" a check after 6 months... which means it is no longer accepted... But again, some banks may be different... And it depends on if the teller notices the date...

    Sorry... went off on a tangent there... I will shut up now...

  • It's a big pet peeve of mine when people do not cash checks right away.  I think that reason it bothers me so much is because I do ALL my banking online.  I watch what's coming in/out online I'm essentially balancing my acocunt there instead of the old fashioned check book.  Seeing "extra" money in my account just throws me off.

    Because it bothers me so much, I try to deposit any personal checks that I receive asap - probably 3 days at most.  DH, on the other hand, will wait until he has several...which could be weeks or months!

  • It's such a pet peeve of mine when people hold on to checks!! I can understand a week, maybe 2 at the very top, but if it's a personal check I think it's so rude to just leave it laying around! I was at a friends last weekend and she had a check from 11/28/08 on her desk, I started scolding her like a child! haha.

    The worst is wedding checks, we went to a wedding in Oct of 07 and they didn't cash the check until Feb of 08, and we still hadn't (and still have not) gotten a TY note so the whole time I'm worried there's 200 bucks just lost, plus I kept forgetting about it and miscalculating my checking acct balance! That is kinda my fault too though..

  • Usually I will stop by the bank sometime that week, just because I don't want someone waiting on me to cash it in order to balance their checkbook.  I also don't like stuff like that just sitting around.
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  • Usually within a few days. Unless someone ask me to hold onto it longer. I hate when people or business just hold on to a check for months. It messes everything up.
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