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s/o hail

At what point do you contact your insurance company to file a roof claim? We got hit a few weeks ago and then we got hit again last night. I had a contractor look at the roof while he was here yesterday (before the storm) and he said a part of the shingles need to be replaced - I have no idea what damage last night's storm did since I can't see the roof myself.

Is there a hail season I should wait out?

Man, house ownership is way tougher ;)


Re: s/o hail

  • I was thinking the exact same thing last night as I layed in bed while it hailed.  I'm not from an area that gets hail so I'm clueless.
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  • You may want to call your insurance company and ask if there is a time limit on those things (like you only have so many days after the damage to submit a claim). I have no idea if there is or not, but I'd make sure. Also, if the damage is pretty bad, you'd probably want to get it fixed right away so you don't have any leaks during the next storm.

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  • From what I remember, storm season in DFW lasts thru April until the first part of May (I know last year I had a tree come down and destroy my fence mid-April). If it is bad enough that your insurance will cover it, I'd have them go ahead and come out and give you an estimate and stuff. It usually takes them a bit to get the work done anyway, but you could go ahead and get the ball rolling. If the storms were as bad as everyone says, you will certainly be in a long line of people needing roofing work done!
  • I am from the Texas Panhandle and my dad is always having someone come out and look at the roof.  I would go ahead and contact the insurance company.  They can go ahead and send an adjuster out and then they can tell you if it needs to be fixed or not.  My dad had to actually call them another time after he had the whole roof replaced.
  • Sometimes we get a hail storm in May...I know when we start to plan for Mayfest (as far as from the Emergency Management side) in Ft Worth we make the assumption for bad weather.  Its weird...Mayfest=a storm of some sort almost every year.
  • I work in the industry so, let me tell ya what I tell my clients:

    1- You have up to 2 years to file a claim, depending on the company.

    2- ALWAYS get estimates before filing. Make sure the damage surpasses your deductible.

    3- Get it fixed ASAP if there are any holes/leaks. If you do not, it can be considered negligence and some* companies will deny the claim for any damage done to the inside of the house.

    4- Waiting to file is totally OK, if there is not horrible damage. [see #3]

    5- Some* companies require you to file a claim in order to send out of their adjusters. Avoid this, if you are with a company that does this. Have a couple of roofers come out, or if you have one you trust, and give you estimates first.

    6- ASK QUESTIONS. When in doubt, just call your insurance company and ask what their guidelines are for this situation.

    *SOME companies means just that. If you aren't sure do #6!!

    Hope that helps!! Smile

  • rachee7 - I heard that if you have to file a claim just to have an adjuster come out, whether there is damage or not, it counts as a claim and makes your rates go up.

    Is that right??

  • image mcollinsunt:
    Sometimes we get a hail storm in May...I know when we start to plan for Mayfest (as far as from the Emergency Management side) in Ft Worth we make the assumption for bad weather.  Its weird...Mayfest=a storm of some sort almost every year.

    I second this. Every year, Mayfest and May 5th (sometimes they fall the same time) there will be some sort of bad weather. It can't hurt to have them come out and check it out, if it is really bad then it might be worth it to get it taken care of before more storms come through.

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