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Re: OL Tuesday

  • Thank you. I need this!! LOL

    Dear My Awesome, Talented, Handsome Brother - I cannot wait for your gig on Friday!!! You are gonna ROCK IT and I cannot wait for the surprise you won't tell me about!!!! I have never been as proud of you as I am now. I LOVE YOU - Your Big Sissy

    Dear Dad - Yesterday I was overflowing with happiness that you are still cancer-free!!!!!!! Today, I am pissed at you. I cannot believe you are not coming to YOUR SON'S gig!!! Has your new wife really just taken your balls and locked them away?! I know she doesn't want to come cause she doesn't really give a crap about YOUR kids, but why can't you just come alone?! You do freaking everything for HER kids. You have no idea what this will do to your relationship with him if you don't show...Please, put him first this time Daddy. Please. I love you, even when you break my heart. -Me.

    Dear DH - THANK YOU for liking what I made for dinner last night!! I am still on Cloud 9 over it!!! YAY!!! I love you!! -Wifey

    Dear Mom - You are amazing and I love you so much! You sacrifice and sacrifice for your kids. You're irreplaceable. Everyone should be so lucky. -Rachy.

  • Chipolte,

    Why can't you be within walking distant? The closest fast food Mexican I have around is Taco Bell and it's still a bit of walk.  And who wants Taco Bell? Gross!

    Craving that won't get it's way

    Dear Heartburn,

    I know the above post is wishful thinking. But a girl can dream right?


  • Dearest Sophie,

    Are you trying to eat your way out or just physically hurt me?  Honestly sweet baby, you don't have to do that.  Just come on down and I'll help you come out.  I promise.

    Love, Momma

    Dear body,

    More stretch marks?!?  Are you f***ing serious?  I didn't think it was possible I could get anymore stretch marks on my stomach after my first pregnancy.  But alas, I spotted new bright red/pink ones last night.  Please stop this insanity at once.

    Your already faithful zebra-striped belly owner 

  • MrsSandro,?

    i'm a firm believer that when you have lots of heartburn- it means lots of thick hair for the bambino! I had TERRIBLE heartburn with Mason and he came out with a full head of hair (and dark too! now its just THICK and blonde) same with my niece when she was born. Maddox on the otherhand, i had it a lot less, and he has MUCH less hair and very blonde too. I've *heard* that heartburn is a sign of a boy too, but i wouldn't put my money on it, just know that your bebe will have hair. haha! Hope you get some relief soon!!

    Gavin & April married 6.26.04
  • Dear Nesties,

    Do your husbands absolutely hate being told what to do?  As in, chores to be done around the house, errands, etc?  Or do I have one of the few men who thinks I'm always nagging him?


    Dear Hubby,

    It's not nagging, it's called suggesting and then reminding.  If you would do it to start with, I wouldn't have to remind you so much!  :)  And, yes, I do expect for some things to be done around the house when I get home from work today...you are home ALONE, something that I know nothing about! 

    Love you (of course),

    The Wife


    Dear Job,

    Please be there for me again next school year.  I will be really sad if I lose you!



  • Dear Sandro,

    Now I want Chipotle and I may just have to have it for lunch.

    Dear work,

    I am thankful I have a job and benefits...but I don't how much longer I can take of this crap. 

    Dear God,

    So, it would be really awesome if you could help me get a teaching job in a few months. I'm sure you were surprised to see us at church Sunday...we're really trying to get better about that...

    Dear self,

    10k in May.  You can do it, easy!  Shoot for the 1/2 before December!

  • Dear Mrs. Sandro,

    I'm craving Chipotle, too.  AND it's across the street from my work - score.


    Dear Me,

    you need to think ahead on bfast.  A yogurt and 100 calorie popcorn are not A) enough calories or B) enough protein.

  • Dear MIL,?

    sometimes you suck as a grandma. you're lucky my mom isn't around because she would put you to shame, and i think even you know that. You CANNOT have high expectations for a 2 year old. sometimes i think you want Mason to act like an adult, sorry to say, he's 2 and i want him to act like a 2 year old. He's not one of your students, and you cannot psycho analyze a 2 year old, all he wants to do is have fun at this age- he is a good kid and listens very well, why would he listen to you when Mom and Dad are around? Don't try to discipline my kids when I'm right there. ALSO the swearing in front of him- whether you notice it or not, has GOT to stop otherwise your grandparent priviliges are going to stop. YOU are a school teacher, I'm praying you don't do that in front of your students, so why would you do that in front of your grandchild?!? Thank God for your husband- at least my kids have 1 really GOOD grandparent! Thank goodness for rockin' aunts and uncles who make up for crappy grandparents!!?

    -really annoyed Daughter in Law & Mom to your ONLY grandkids (who's a really good mom if I do say so myself!!)


    Dear Mom,

    Weekends like this past one is when you are severely missed. I know you would have been the best Grandma ever because you were an awesome Mom. I would pay good $ to see you show my MIL how to be a good grandma. Thanks for being the mom you were- you set an amazing example of what a mom is supposed to be to both my sister and I !

    -Daughter who misses her Mommy


    Dear DH,?

    you rock my socks. and Mason's too. and Maddox's (even though they're little) ;-)





    Gavin & April married 6.26.04
  • Piecetobe,?

    Its not nagging, it's 'Motivational Speaking'. (I want that on a shirt!) haha!?

    Gavin & April married 6.26.04
  • image piercetobe:

    Dear Nesties,

    Do your husbands absolutely hate being told what to do?  As in, chores to be done around the house, errands, etc?  Or do I have one of the few men who thinks I'm always nagging him?

    Yes! You are not the only one who has a husband like that. Glad to know I'm not the only one either!

  • Dear tummy -  Please feel better - Feeling a little gross today.

    Dear co-workers - no, I am not going to the retirement thing. I don't know the guy (couldn't point him out in a lineup) and I don't want to be one of "those" people who just goes for the food. Especially since I feel gross and don't want to smell food anyway. Please respect! - Me

    Dear brother - I am so proud of you!!! I can't believe you are getting married in just a little over 2 weeks. WOW! Love you so much - Seester

    Dear Office Depot - Is it REALLY that complicated? Really? Seriously, dudes... get it together. - Irritated customer

    Dear AF - PLEASE go away!!! I think 13 days is a long enough stay. Time to get outta Dodge, please! - Unhappy hostess


  • image GavinsGirlApril:


    Its not nagging, it's 'Motivational Speaking'. (I want that on a shirt!) haha! 

    I'd buy that shirt!


    Proud Doxie Mommy

    Cooking Blog Family Blog TTC Blog

    TTC since Sept. 2009

    HSG 9/10 = all clear

    AMH and internal sono 3/11 = normal

    SA 4/11 = normal

    next steps = plan to start treatments mid-2012

    BFP 3/13 after two and half years
  • Dear Homeowner at the Entrance of our Subdivision,

    Thank you SOOOOOOOO very much for finally getting a new fence. Your old, rotting, falling apart fence was the most unpleasant eyesore I've had to look at for the past 9 months. Seeing your craptastic fence come down yesterday made my day!

    Thank you so very much,


    Dear Tigger,

    After $280 at the vet, I hope you are on your way back to good health.


    Your mommy


  • Amanda,?

    What ended up being wrong with Tigger? Did he eat something he shouldn't have??

    Gavin & April married 6.26.04
  • Dear RJ,

    I hope your tummy feels better.  Mine was not good yesterday.  Luckily, it only lasted 1 day! - Gipper's Girl


    Dear DH's Hulk Hogan 'stache,

    Good riddance! - wife who is glad the beard and mustache contest is over!

  • image GavinsGirlApril:


    What ended up being wrong with Tigger? Did he eat something he shouldn't have? 

    He is just 'backed up'! LOL! She said he might be really 'gassey' and that is what is causing his pains. We haven't changed his diet at all, except for some new doggie treats, which is the only thing I can figure out is the culprit of all of this mess. She did x-rays and her comment was that he was 'backed up' pretty bad. He has gone #2 a couple of times though since Saturday, so I'm not sure. He is slowly getting back to normal though.

    His crying and yelping on Saturday was so bad I thought the neighbors were going to come outside and wonder what we were doing to our dog.

  • Dear DH.....OK, so I admit I thought it was a super idea for me to work on a few landscaping/lawncare jobs with you all day Sunday...you know, more us time and all.  Yeah, well I changed my mind.  I'm still sore and my fat little face is very sunburned.  I know you appreciated it and all, but maybe a half day next time until I get used to it!    Love, wifey

    Dear Supervisor and Dept Head...serisously, its all very obvious now.  Not only do you and I have no idea what I'm supossed to be doing here, but no one else does either and that's embarrassing.  Someone came in while you were gone to lunch and tried to introduce me to a client and was like "this is Melissa, she is our...what is it you do, Melissa?"  UGH.   From your very upset, job seeking employee.

    Dear Beca...I miss you so much, more and more each day.  I know you have your wings now, and you are looking down on all of us.  I never knew what life would be like if I ever lost you and I'm sad to have to figure it out now.  Rest in peace, and save me a spot up there, I'll see you soon.  Love, Aunt Squish


  • Dear Self,

    Why so negative lately? You don't have to give a dirty look to EVERYONE who crosses your path that does something stupid. It is ok to let it go. Time to put on a happy face and not be so irritated with the world anymore.

    Dear Moosey,

    Sorry for being so cranky lately. I know you've started to notice since this morning on the way into work you said, "Laura, it is ok to let things go sometimes". Yikes. Sorry, babe, didn't realize I had become so bitchy lately! Promise I'll make an attitude adjustment!



  • Pierce,

    My husband also says I nag. You are NOT the only one!


    Dear AF,

    I am having symptoms of you...Pretty, pretty, pretty please show up?! I never thought I would be hoping to get you but after about 15 weeks, something needs to give.

    Weirded out by her body girl

    Dear DH,

    Sorry you are having to do all this moving stuff by yourself. I know you are stressed out and it is causing you to have to work really late to make up the hours, but I appreciate it. Can't wait until we finally get to spend the weeknights together again.


  • Dear Roof & Plants I Spent All Weekend Planting,
    I hope you're okay after the hail last night. I'll be checking when I get home.
    Love, Your Owner

    Dear House Builder,
    Why would you plant 8 holly bushes for us? They are pokey and they attract bees! Thankfully I dug them all up!
    Curiously, Home Owner

    Dear New Palm Trees,
    You are perfect and you are much better than holly bushes. Please stay alive forever.
    Love, Your Caretaker

    Lilypie Second Birthday tickers
  • Dear eye doc - $560 for contacts?! ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS??!!? Ha! I know it's not your fault, doc, its my stupid, crappy eyes.... but UGH! That's a LOT of money!

    Dear vision - YOU SUCK!

    Dear self - Grow up and stop being such a weenie so you can look into lasik!

  • Dear Bible Study Girls,

    Thank you for being just what I needed and being so welcoming.  See you next week at bible study AND the moms group you informed me about today.

    Sincerely, the grateful girl

    Dear Sprouts Macaroni Salad,

    You are the bomb!  Please keep me from eating all of you today and saving some for lunch the rest of the week.

    From, the girl that could make herself sick on you

    Dear M,

    Thank you for all your support, love and just being you!

    Love, the luckiest wife alive

  • Dear Hormones,?

    You are making me grouchy and turn into a b*tch. I'll admit it. You need to go away, b/c with DH being the only person in this COUNTRY I know, you probably don't want to be to mean to him!


    Dear DH,

    Sorry I was a little rude this morning. We said we wanted a futon. I happened to find a FREE one last night and showed you a pic and suggested we look at it. You thought I was nuts. Trying to be helpful apparently backfired. I'm done with the nice suggestions. You complain that we are broke, and then want to go buy furniture instead of getting a free piece from a guy who is leaving. Whatever. Just don't complain to me about bills anymore- got it? (Although I guess this sorta goes back to letter #1.)


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