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did Lisa post about her first day?

Re: did Lisa post about her first day?

  • The board has been super slow and I have been on pretty much all week and I don't think she did.
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  • Nope, but I hope her first day went well!
    My sweet boy
  • First day of what?  What did I miss?  Did she change jobs?
  • Nope, but I'm sure you could go to her FB to see if there are any updates...or e-mail her to persuade her to post!  I'm sure she has been quite busy with the new job. 
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  • She has no internet access at work, so she probably won't be on until late.
  • Hey ladies! Thanks for thinking of me :) Mary's right, I have no Internet at work :( I'm working on getting that! Honestly the job is less than ideal.. well, it flat out sucks, but I just keep telling myself there's tons of people who would be happy just to have a job to talk about right now so I shouldn't complain! It's not really what I thought it'd be and even what I thought the job would entail wasn't that great. Oh well, at least I have a paycheck while I look, trying to stay positive here :)
  • I'm sorry it isn't going so well.  But you definitely had a good attitude.  I hope that leads you to a better situation soon!
    My sweet boy
  • Sorry your new job is sucking. Hopefully you'll find something better soon!

  • Aw, sorry! Hopefully it will get better!
  • sorry - that sucks!  and your last job was such a good gig!  At least you ahve the right attitude though. ..

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  • also - OMG - no internet access????  I really don't know how that's possible. . .My worst job also didn't have internet access. . . it took me 6 months to get the hell out of there!
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  • I was going to ask the same thing yesterday! Lisa, I'm glad you're trying to stay positive. I'm sorry it isn't the best job, but it must be a good sign that you found a job so quickly!
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  • Oh wow Lisa. I'm so sorry that your new job sucks. I'm glad your trying to stay positive, at least you can keep looking for something.
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