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Speaking of sharing recipes...

My mom had a pretty genius idea.  My mom, my sister-in-law and I are going to get together to do meal plans.  Then, go to Sam's and bulk up on ingredients and split out the bill.  Then, I think I shared before, how my mom will make several meals in one day and freezes it.  Of course, some families are bigger than others, so you'd have to figure how you're going to split it fairly.  But, I think that's a neat idea.  Imagine how much you'd save.  And, you'd always have convenient "frozen foods."  I'm the worst for remembering to set food out, so when I get home everything's frozen...I don't feel like thawing, then cooking, so I order pizza.  lol 

I don't know, I just thought that would be a cool thing to share.  Make a GTG of it!  Meet, brainstorm, Sam's run, add a case of wine of course....then cook and drink and gossip the rest of the day!  lol

Re: Speaking of sharing recipes...

  • I love that idea!  Jason and I just got a Sam's membership so I'd totally be down with this. 
    <a target="_blank" href="">Blog</a>


    <a href="">
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  • Mom and I just did something like that on Saturday--went to Sam's together, talked through menus, bought a ton of stuff, then went home and froze half and fixed the other half. We did that 2 months ago as well it and it worked really nicely.
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