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J.Crew peeps...

So I ordered a couple things on sale yesterday.  I made a resolution to NOT spend money anymore, but I needed some new updated professional-looking items I can wear for some upcoming work conferences, and one of them I can wear for E's baptism as well.

Anyway, I got free shipping, then this morning I see a code for an extra 30% off final sale items.

Do you think, if I call them w/my order number, that because I ordered literally less than 12 hours before this extra 30% sale, they'd honor it for my order?  I might cancel the order and then re-order if not.  30% is a lot.

Re: J.Crew peeps...

  • Yes, call them.  They know that it's not too late to cancel the order, so it's in their best interest to help you out!
  • It's worth a try!
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  • Sweet! It worked.  I expected her to say she'd have to void the free shipping or something but nope! This saves me like $40.
  • That's great! I just got the email too. I really hope I don't find anything on there I like... Surprise
  • Confession:  I've never bought a single item from J.Crew in my life.
    image *Amber & Chuck - October 25, 2008* Anniversary
  • So I guess it wasn't meant to be. I found like 5 things I liked but when I clicked on every single one of them it said they were sold out. I hate their stupid website!
  • Woohoo!!!! I love J.Crew and I've always been impressed with their customer service. Both my sister and I ordered our BM's dresses off of J.Crew's final sale and each time we had a customer service person track down an unlisted size to complete our order.
  • Yeah, I liked their old web site much better.

    But I did need some new things for the next conference season and final sale stuff helped out.  I got a pair of flats for $40 and they were originally $120!

  • yay that this worked out!  I think they have really good customer service.  The same thing happened to me a few months ago, when it was literally the next was so easy and the credit showed up within two days I think! 
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  • image lauraanddave:
    Sweet! It worked.  I expected her to say she'd have to void the free shipping or something but nope! This saves me like $40.

    That is a great deal

  • Yay, that's great.  I'm glad it worked.

    I got that email too and I just need to avoid the site now.

    My sweet boy
  • I would  In my opinion, things like that are hurting their sales - b/c I'm an expert ha - but people don't want to buy stuff from there b/c you know its going to go on sale a week later!  I would call, whats the worst thing they're going to say, no?
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  • also, thanks laura, I did not realize there was this extra 30% to jcrew.
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  • I just made a purchase, and I owe it all to you, Laura.  I got another pair of the bistro pants (love them!), and another harper cashmere short-sleeved sweater, and another pair of pants and another sweater for less than $150!

  • I'm looking too but the site keeps going down for me. 
    My sweet boy
  • omg, I am starting to freak out.  I want those brown flats!!  I neeeeeeeeeed them!!!! stupid stupid stupid jcrew.
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