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B&M Monday

*Why have a 'contact us' section or a 'request an online' quote section on your website if you don't respond? I was trying to wait for a few more estimates on our fence, but I guess those companies have lost out on my potential business.

*I have to take our doggie to the vet again today for an x-ray b/c I think he ate something he shouldn't have. I'm hoping it isn't anything severe.

*DH is going to miss Colby's next 6 baseball games due to conflicts with his school and a prior committment. UGH!

Re: B&M Monday

  • We have are registering for DH's Corps company outfit reunion that is next month. They have an "order tshirt" option, but you can't order tshirts of different sizes... as in you can select to order 2 tshirts, but there is only one size selection drop down menu. Whoever set this up didn't think it through! None of the wives I know wear the same size t-shirts as our husbands... smart one, guys!


    Yep...that's all I got today. Smile

  • Good Morning ladies! Just stopping in for a fly by hello and wanted to add my one and only B&M.

    Today at 2:30pm I'll be getting a lovely root canal - potential retreat of a root canal I had a couple years ago. Oh! The joys... I'm bubbling with excitment. :)

  • I think I have a sinus infection - yuck

  • * Found out Friday my DH has to take a pay cut to help the company save money. (I guess it could be worse though)

    * Discovered a leak in the shower this weekend and it's gonna cost mucho $$ to fix

    * Had a spot removed from my lip today and I look like an idiot at work with my big fat lip.

  • I have killer heartburn from hell that started last Friday.

    I hate my where they moved me and I am becoming resentful.

  • *I hate Mondays. It is so hard to find the motivation to get out of bed and go to work when DH (who doesn't work on Mondays) is still sleeping and will be staying home doing nothing all day.

    *My stepdad's birthday is Saturday, and he's still in Siberia, and I'm kind of sad. Trying to decide if we should have a little dinner at my house on Saturday so we can all call and talk to him. Not sure if that will make it better or worse for him.


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    AMH and internal sono 3/11 = normal

    SA 4/11 = normal

    next steps = plan to start treatments mid-2012

    BFP 3/13 after two and half years
  • Oh and this morning I accidentally rubbed soap all over my hands and arms instead of lotion as I was rushing out the door, duh!
  • image JennJ12345:
    Allergies suck!
    I completely feel you on this one! My allergies have been out of control for over the past week, but haven't gotten progressively worse and this weekend and today they are especially horrible! I badly need some relief.
  • image JennJ12345:
    Allergies suck!

    AMEN!!!! Mine are killing me. I've got an appointment with a new allergist this afternoon and I hope she can help...


  • I'm at home, sick with a stomach bug.  I feel yucky.
  • I am so over seeing my husband once a month at the most!  I'm ready to be done saying goodbye, over and over and over again.  Please let these next two weeks until his retirement date FLY BY!


    In Support of Fellow MB Knottie Stacey081184
  • I work full time and go to grad school full time at night. During the summer term, classes are discounted and I was going to make sure that I took 2 classes (the most we can take per 10 week term at SMU).The summer term is only 5 weeks long (instead of 10). I looked at the schedule and the classes I need to take are 8:30 AM-5:30 PM M-F for one week and the classes I have already taken/do not need are on the weekends. So it looks like I wont get to take ANY classes unless the schedule changes.This must frustrate everyone else too since most of the people in my program also work full time.

    I wasnt as productive this weekend as I would have liked to be... but...

    Yesterday I did manage to scrub down our kitchen. Then DH made dinner. I walk in last night and realize that I am going to have to redo my kitchen scrub down. I love that DH cooks, but we both know he is probably the messiest cook ever.... He did fold the laundry while I ran last night though so... can't get too upset.

  • My emotional side is starting to win over my logical side on the whole baby planning subject. But that won't make a difference since my husband doesn't seem to be effected AT ALL by cute new born babies. :(

    And I'm not feeling like being at work. But here I am. Working... or... well I guess I'm really nesting.

  • We found a house that we really like this weekend, but we don't feel that we are ready to make on offer yet because our lease isn't up until July 31st. This whole house hunting process it difficult!

    I only had one day for the weekend due to work and house hunting on Saturday.

    Lilypie Second Birthday tickers imageimage
  • I bought a pedometer to help me get my steps in... It's great when I'm walking, but I have to take it off when I'm sitting (which is annoying) because I constantly shake my leg and it screws up the count A LOT. Grrrr. It's driving me nuts b/c I keep forgetting to take it off when i'm sitting and/or put it back on when I leave my desk!



  • I'm so stinking miserable with my allergies lately! Today is by far the worst so far this season! I've taken all that I can to help get them under control! I really need to go to the grocery store, but I know I will feel worse just by stepping outside. Ugh! It seems like the prettier the weather, the worse I feel!
  • I'm bummed because my sonogram that was scheduled for Thursday has just been changed to Friday. I've been looking forward to Thursday afternoon for over a month now and it just bums me out that it was changed.


  • *The lovely Air Force is having a mock-exercise this week, so I can't get in to the dr to get a sonogram this week. Annoying. I finally make it to 20 weeks (where we can get a sonogram paid for by insurance to get find out the sex) and the office won't answer the phone. Argh!?

    *I'm just a little annoyed with Korea (yes, the country) right now. Things finally start winding down in Iraq and the guys won't have to go over there as much (after DH's 5 deployments there) and we move to Japan, thinking he won't have to deploy as much. And now Korea decides to go and get all crazy with their missile program. Really? Must we move here, become neighbors with them, and then they do something crazy like launch a long-range missile, which would prob result is DH deploying, AGAIN. Give me a break, world! (And so help me if he's gone when this baby is supposed to get here!)?

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