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Pediatricians in the South Burlington area

I will be looking for a pediatrician soon and I was curious if anyone had any suggestions or doctors to stay away from. Timberlane Pediatrics is very convenient for me. Any thoughts on them??

Thanks ladies!?

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Re: Pediatricians in the South Burlington area

  • I heard great things about Timberlane and Dr. Fiorenza and interviewed her.  She was really nice and the practice seemed great.  I also heard great things about a smaller practice (Hagan and Rinehart) on Shelburne Rd and interviewed them.  I ended up going with Hagan and Rinehart b/c I like the smaller practice feel, I got so many positive references, and I much preferred their office staff over Timberlane, which I think is important b/c you deal with them so much.




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  • I highly reccomend meeting Dr. Parker and Dr. Leonard at Richmond Peds. It's a little out of the way (25 minutes for us) but WELL WORTH IT. They are amazing. The first time that I met them I was blown away by how welcome they made me feel. It's just the two of them (one male, one female), no secretary or anything, they are always on call, always there when you need them. When I asked what their hours were they said "typically 8-5, but we can come anytime you need us". They are really willing to work with you to meet your needs. Our baby has already been twice and is going back tomorrow, they wanted to keep an eye on his weight. Take the time to meet them and see what you think.... dozens of people reccomended them to me and although Berlin Peds is 5 minutes away I am so glad to be going to Richmond.

    Their number is 434-5090

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    I love these two beautiful children!
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  • Well Dr Hagan was my ped. so I recommend him.  He was my ped from 8 to like 15 years old.  (I am now 31) - so that tells you how much experience he has.  I believe that he actually used to be with Timerlane, but I could be wrong. 

    He was always so fabulous!!!

    Good Luck.

     On another note - I grew up in richmond and I never knew there was a peds office there.... is it new?  Where is it?

  • My brother and 2 sisters and I all went to Timberlane when we were younger (my younger sister and I since we were infants) up until we were in college. My sisters and I all had Dr. Wing for our primary doctor, and I believe my brother had Dr. Gerson.  They are all absolutely wonderful there, I think I've only had experience though with Dr Wing, Dr. Gerson, Dr. Land and Dr. Long (I dont remember Dr. Freison and Dr. Hartswick being there).  If I lived closer, I would definately take my children there when the time comes.  I would definately recommend them, but obviously it has been awhile since I've been  there so I haven't had any recent experience.  They actually took me in to see me when I had mono right out of college because I hadn't found a primary care doctor yet, so they were always pretty accomadating.    Good luck!     

  • oh and I went to school and was friends with Dr Wind and Dr Long's son.... Super nice family and they are very nice too.
  • I don't think any of those doctors are at Timberlane anymore, at least the SBurl location.  Now they have:

    Dr Barbara C. Kennedy Dr John Murray
    Dr Michelle Perron Dr Sara A. Quayle
    Dr J.Ward W. Stackpole Dr Monica Fiorenza

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