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Pets and New Landlord

NovaLovaNovaLova member
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Hi all! 

About a month ago, my husband and I moved into a new condo. We spent MONTHS looking for a new place that was pet friendly and just a little larger than the place we had been living for the past 6 years. When we viewed the condo I check with the landlord that it was pet friendly, as we don't have any pets but were looking to adopt a dog. When we filled our application, I also noted this on the application.  Once our application was approved, the landlord sent over the lease, that stayed pets would be allowed only with a pet addendum.  Before signing the lease, I sent a text to the landlord asking for the pet addendum, stating again that we would be adopting a dog in the near future. The landlord responded with the pet requirements (no "aggressive breads" and less than 30lbs), and stated that he would send the pet addendum once we got a dog, but that we should run it by him before adopting. 

During the 2 weeks between us moving in and the old tenants moving out, the landlord redid the floors in the 2 bedrooms. 

Two weeks ago my husband and I found the perfect dog. I emailed the landlord with all of the details of the dog, and attached pictures, requesting the pet addendum so that we could adopt her. After two days of him not responding to my email, I sent a text to make sure he had recieved it.  He responded via text "I really do not want a dog on the new floors".  

I was so heart broken and spent the night in tears because we would have NEVER signed a 1 year lease if we weren't going to be allowed a dog. This was the MAIN reason for us moving the first place. My husband works very long hours and really I need a companion around the home. 

I didn't respond that nght, but the next day he left me a voicemail (while i was at work) that "I know you mentioned it before you leased, I would rather you not get a dog, but  if you really had your heart set on a dog, I would be ok with it as long as you didn't allow it in the bedrooms on the new floors" As soon as I got off of work I called him back, there was no answer, but I left a voicemail stating that getting a dog was one of the main reasons we moved, that we hadn't planned to let a dog in the bedroom, and I hopped that he would call me back so that we could reach a compromise.  Two days later (Saturday)He sent me a text stating that he had received my voicemail, and he would allow us to have a dog as long as the pet deposit was paid and we kept the dog out of the bedrooms, and he would send the pet addendum ASAP. 

Today (Tuesday) I hadn't received the pet addendum still, so sent a reminder text at lunch. "Hi Mr P, Can we get the pet addendum today. Also how much is the pet deposit, and should I mail it or leave it in the drop box?"   He still has not responded or sent the pet addendum.  

I am SO SO SO crushed, and angry that I am tied into a lease in a place that was supposed to be pet friendly but is now not. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I can do? 

Sorry this was so long. I had to get it all off my chest. TIA. 

Re: Pets and New Landlord

  • Sorry!  I just saw your post or I would have responded sooner.  I hope you got your pet addendum!

    First off, I am a landlady, so I do have good understanding of both sides.  I'll assume this has already been worked out but, if it had been me, I would have taken the gamble to adopt the dog anyway.  Perhaps sent a certified letter as well as an e-mail that stated something to the effect of "we will be adopting the dog discussed and that you agreed to on X date".  Include language that it was understood before the lease was signed that a dog was going to be brought into the property (something to that effect).  Ending with, something like "we are looking forward to receiving the pet addendum and will sign/return the addendum, along with a check for the pet deposit, as soon as we receive it".

    It sounds like your landlord takes a few days to get back to you all anyway.  Part of his MO.  I'm not necessarily saying that is a horrible thing, but it can be frustrating.

    It's very irritating and little weird (IMO) that this guy is being so wishy-washy.  I allow pets in some of my rentals and not in others.  But, either way, I am very clear as to what is and is not allowed, whether someone has a pet at the time or not.

    I also require, if someone is getting a new pet AFTER they have moved in, to allow me to approve the animal ahead of time.  So I don't find that part of his request crazy...and I didn't get the impression that you did either.  But, yeah, once you have a little guy picked out, he needs to be more prompt.

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