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Best vaccuum cleaner to buy? Advice needed, please.

We have a dirt devil but it's on it's last leg after only 1 year. It just doesn't pick much up.  We have a big rug on our hardwood floors & then bedroom carpeting so we need one that will vacuum both floors. I would love to hear your recommendations. Thanks!
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Re: Best vaccuum cleaner to buy? Advice needed, please.

  • I'm not sure of your price range, but the best vacuum I ever got is my Dyson. I have a DC41 Animal. It's amazing on both hardwood and carpet. It is pricy, but well worth the money. It comes with a few attachments, and Dyson occasionally has offers where y
  • Any decent vacuum (that will last) will be at least $300.

    Honestly, I'd go to a vacuum repair store locally and ask their opinion. They can tell you which machines have the best suction, are great for pets, hardwood, and last the longes

  • Here is a 2nd for the Dyson DC41.  I went round and round about what to get, but ended up with a Dyson. At first, I didn't think it was worth all the hype and expense. But now I've had it for almost 2 years with our collie and long haired cat, and

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  • Like the other posters, I also did a lot of research before buying my current vacuum cleaner. I ended up going with <a href="

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  • Dysons are good and shark vacuums are good. If you have only hard floors, you really don't need something quite so powerful and expensive; you don't need a beater brush or agitator on your vacuum. A good wet/dry vac with a floor brush attachment works

  • amalloy1 said:
    We have a dirt devil but it's on it's last leg after only 1 year. It just doesn't pick much up.  We have a big rug on our hardwood floors & then bedroom carpeting so we need one that will vacuum both floors. I would love to hear your recommendations. Thanks!
    I'm in the same boat, my Bissell is on its last leg and was lending toward getting a Shark vac because I've heard great things about it or people who suffer from allergies. I'll definitely keep checking back on this post to look at suggestions
  • We recently bought a Shark and are very happy with it. It was about $100 or so less than a dyson. I think we paid a little over $200. If you look at Costco (where we bought ours) or Sams club I bet you could get a good price. Anothergood option is Bed Bath and Beyond, most stores will take those expired 20% off coupons...use it to your advantage. When making a big purchase like this, you could save a fair amount.
  • We were given the shark for christmas this year and I've only used it once, but I love it!
  • I have tried many before,I think my last one that died was a Dyson.My mother has always used Electrolux though(the canister kind,that has a long hose with the vacuum attachment at the end that you roll over the floors).She has hardwood/linoleum in her house so she wasnt using her old Electrolux anymore,so I started using that.I have 2 dogs that shed alot of fur,and let me tell you,this vacuum is about 14 years old,and still fluffs my carpet and you cant even tell I have dogs! theyre a really good investment in a vacuum...
  • I agree with the Dyson. At first I wasn't sure about spending that much money on a vaccuum but it was totally worth it. I've had it for 2 years now & it still runs like new. I also like that you can take all the pieces apart to clean it.


  • We purchased a Kenmore Progressive about 6 or 7 years ago.  They no longer have the same model available but it's been going strong!  

    If it croaked on us tomorrow, I'm not sure what we'd buy next.  I've had two friends get rid of their Dyson's because they were ruining their carpets.
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  • We have the Dyson purple animal and I LOVE IT!  We're had it for close to 10 years now and its going strong!
  • We bought this guy from Eureka from Target a year ago and it is AMAZING! I was on a budget so I had to pick what we could afford and this guy is perfect. It does both hardwood and carpets and it has a retractable hose, so its never falling off or getting in the way. I seriously love this guy. I also like that it is a little narrower than other vacuums. It makes it easier to vacuum under chairs and cabinets.

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  • I'm in the same boat. Been looking at Dyson and Shark. Mostly because I've heard great things about them plus both my DH and I suffer from allergies and he has asthma bad. I'm wanting to buy a Dyson, but I don't think I can bring myself to paying that much.
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  • I would also suggest you to use dyson. I have been using dyson cinetic for the past 2 years. It is amazing as it is a multifloor cleaner. It is highly affordable and works great.
  • I love my Dyson. Its the only one I would recommend!
  • my husband and i have one dog right now. we did have 2. we bought (a few years ago now) a hoover something. not really cheap. doesn't work a darn on the carpeting getting up any pet hair or anything. when this one dies, we are getting a dyson. don't care what hubby says. LOL
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