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I figured this is the better place to post about this vs the honeymoon board since this is not a honeymoon and we do not have kids. I want to go to Disney with my FI badly. Are we crazy for wanting to go? Nether of us has been even from when we were younger. I went to a site called disboards but I find it very overwhelming except for reading peoples trip reports... and even then it seems like everyone does disney very differently! Are there any disney blogs or travel blogs who have been to disney that you can recommend? So far I've come across,, and, which has been informative since they don't have kids. Based on everything I think we are thinking of August (I'm a teacher), renting points at grand floridian villas (studio), and going for a week. I'm getting nervous because everyone says dining has to be made in advance and that's coming up, so we need to solidify our plans! Any advance?????? We are not planning on renting a car.

Re: Disney!!!!

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    I personally like and

    We went in 2012 and I planned our trip about 6 months in advance by going to those sites as well as the disboards.  By the time we were ready to go, I felt like I had an advanced degree in Disney planning.  

    Both blogs are laid out differently and have their own strengths.  The guy who does lives in orlando and goes almost every day and has done so for several years so he knows what he is talking about.  The lady who does wdwprepschool lives in Texas but goes several times a year and has a background in graphic design so her page is easier to read and navigate and is designed for people who get overwhelmed.  However, she is going to start charging for her site soon whereas easywdw is free.  

    What I would do is figure out where you want to go each day during your trip ( and both blogs can help you decide).  Yes I know it isn't fun and exciting to say  " We are going to go to Animal Kingdom on August 11th" or whatever, but trust me, it really pays off to do planning ahead of time.  Once you figure out where you will be each day, then you can pick restaurants.  Both of those blogs can give you their opinion on which ones are the best as well as reviews and pics of their food.  Oh and is a good one too.

    When we went in 2012, it was one of the best trips we ever went on and I was so glad I researched and planned ahead. I would say the longest we waited for a ride was 30 minutes for Dumbo.  The rest had an average wait of 10 minutes.  I also made reservations 6 months ahead of time for Akershus, the castle in Norway where we had lunch with the princesses and Biergarten in Germany.  We also were able to walk right in to the breakfast buffet at a place called Trail's Inn at Fort Wilderness. The rest of the time we brought in our own food, ate at the causal restaurants or ate at the food and wine festival.  

    I personally don't think you are crazy.  I would love to go without the kids one time, but other people think that is crazy.  Oh well, you do you.

    If you have any questions, I can try to answer as best I can.  We are planning on going in Oct of 2017 so I am already in the pre planning stage.
  • Thank you for this! I will check out their sites! Have you ever rented points before???
  • No, I have not.  I know WDWprepschool advocates for it a lot and easywdw sometimes will go on tours of the villas and post pics.  

    We usually stay off site at a place with a kitchen and several bedroom.

    Sorry, I wish I could be of more help.
  • Thanks for your reply! I've been reading a lot about it and it just seems like a good deal. We're just 2 people so we would only need a studio but the cost for grand floridian comes in at just under $300 per night, which is a lot cheaper than if I went through When you stay offsite do you rent a car? We were not planning on renting one.

  • We actually drive down from MO so we use our own car.
  • My husband and I went for the first time last Sept without kids and it was fun. I'd say go without kids, you can skip some rides and characters, although I still rode Dumbo and waited to meet most of the princesses. August is supposed to be one of the most crowded times and the humidities a killer, but you have to go when you can go.

    I liked staying on resort, we got to stay in the parks a little later and had buses to and from the resort, but my SIL went with her 3 kids and H to Universal last Aug and stayed off resort. 

    Finally, plan now. We booked in June for a Sept vacation and all of the resturants were booked. It's sad but you really do have to try and book 6 months out to get the good stuff. Once you've booked then you can figure out what days you want to go where. Looking back I wish we planned one day without park tickets to just lay by the pool, however we weren't there that long. If you have time take a day mid-week to relax, you literally need a vacation from vacation after Disney.
  • ten17ten17 member
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    We have been several times always with kids.  There is a ton to do without kids (the bigger rides, fine dining, shows) and we hope to take a couples only trip one day. Just for fun I would check out some Disney Vlogs on YouTube to help you get a taste of rides you want to go on restaurants etc. SeeYaReelSoon has some great ones, Happiest Vlogs on Earth, The Tim Tracker and my personal favorite Gillian at Home, just to name a few. I would be happy to answer any questions
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