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Most of my clutter...

So in the past year and a half of our marriage I have learned that most of the clutter is my clutter in our apartment. I feel like we have so much little stuff cluttering up the desk. cluttering up the kitchen, cluttering up the living room... I think you get the point. I want to be the girl who keeps my house really clean every day instead of being the girl who is always stressed out about my apartment because it's not clean.... can someone help me learn to be organized and how to be organized. 

Re: Most of my clutter...

  • The best suggestion I can make is to start small. Don't try to tackle everything at once. Spend a few hours every weekend or even an hour on a weeknight, if you can, and focus on one area. If you start saving food cans and pantry boxes, they can easily be covered with paint, paper, or fabric to make little trays and containers that you can put things in, like pens and pencils, and paper clips, etc. Plus, the advantage to that is that it's free, so you're not really spending money on it.

    If you want to go all out, I suggest buying a small portable scanner, which typically go for about $75. Scan in all your important paperwork that you need to file, upload to a secure cloud account so that you always have it accessible and you're not responsible for the backup, and then shred the original. This will definitely help save space in your apartment and clean up your desk area. 

    For the kitchen, go through your cabinets, and purge any item that has a chip in it, or any item that you have not used in over 6 months. Remove all decor from the living room, line it up and then rearrange it in your space. Doing so will help you focus on the most important pieces to you, and then you can put the others away for later use or get rid of them. 

    I have a bunch more suggestions for other spaces as well - if you'd like to give a specific space and it's primary issue, I can suggest how to clean that up for you.
  • Clutter can create a great amount of stress in a person's home life which includes marriage. There are strategies to be clutter free that are available to the assist you in fixing up your property. The internet has  a great amount of resources that can assist you in making your home a clutter free environment.
  • I'm bad at decluttering.  I hired a professional organizer at I think $50 per hour & she taught me a bunch of stuff that I never would have thought of myself.  Best $300 I ever spent.
  • Make it very simple for yourself by writing up a list of things you possibly could have too much of or areas that need decluttering. Go through the whole house a day at a time getting rid of or going through one thing/area on the list. 
    Example list for things to get rid of:
    1. Paper clutter
    2. Books
    3. Magazines 
    Example of areas that need decluttering/purging:
    1. Kitchen drawers
    2. Bathroom drawers
    3. Clothing closets
    4. Chest of drawers
    You get the idea. 
  • Start small! First day, just fill one trash bag. Maybe ask a friend or your mate for help, I help my friends and hubby clean out all the time. {WARNING ITS ADDICTIVE ONCE YOU GET GOING :) }

    Mrs. V

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