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How often do you dust with furniture polish?

I use it every time I dust but I was talking to a lady that I work with and she only uses it about every six months because she says it builds up.  She uses a duster and dry dusts most of the time.  I've never noticed any build up so how often do you use furniture polish and do you notice any build up?  TIA.


Re: How often do you dust with furniture polish?

  • She is correct. Any person I've ever talked with (in the sales or refinishing industries) regarding wood furniture care advises against using polish. Dusting can be done with a clean, damp cloth and wiped dry. Polish does create build-up and can damage a finish.
  • junojuno member
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    I use a DIY beeswax furniture wax and buff to a shine once a year or so.  I use a lamb's wool duster or cloth to dust and rebuff the rest of the year.  A wax finish can build up if applied too often or too thickly and become sticky.  But a thin layer of wax will protect the finish.

    If you are using a commercial "polish" like Pledge or something, I don't think it will build up because it's not adding a protective layer of wax.  I don't think the commercial cleaners are particularly good for wood furniture or good for the wallet, so I don't use them.

    This article appears to have a good explanation of the differences:

  • I never do.  Hmmm, maybe I need to think about it for our dining table which is getting light scratches...
  • I've stopped using furniture polish because I heard it actually attracts dust.  When I was a kid I used to always use furniture polish to dust.  I really don't notice a difference either way but I'd rather not use polish since it's one less thing to buy.
  • I never use polish to dust my home furniture. Instead I simple use cloth with soap water for cleaning purpose. Sometimes I also use oil to polish the furniture but never use any chemicals for the purpose.
  • Try this type of furniture, they need not to polish as they are made from teak wood and designs to lasts whatever seasons is.
  • I use Pledge probably about once a month - I actually find that the dust doesn't come back quite as quickly when I use it, but I'm too lazy to do it every week. My weekly routine is a good feather duster for bookshelves and a microfiber for flat surfaces. I absolutely LOVE my feather duster! 
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