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How Often Do you Give your Dog Treats?

Hey dog mommies/daddies!

I'm curious: how often do you feed your dogs treats? Is it an every day thing? Just a special occasion? For training? Or do you not feed them treats at all?

When you give them treats, what treats do you give them?

I'm asking because I have a cat (you read that right!), but I'm developing a treats for dogs. My cat actually never ate treats, no matter how hard I tried, until I gave this one to him! I never gave him treats before. But now I give him some of the treats I make. 

Full disclosure: this is more of a research question for this, than otherwise. But I will still love to hear stories about when, how, and how much you feed treats to you puppies!


Re: How Often Do you Give your Dog Treats?

  • I give my dog some treats a 1-2 times/day.  I usually give a couple treats at a time.  Her favorites are these bacon looking things that are in a blue/white bag.  I don't remember the company name, but they are sold at Walmart.

    My cat doesn't tend to like cat treats.  Both my dog and cat like people food.  If I'm making something I know they can eat, I'll give them each a tiny bit.  Like if I'm making a turkey sandwich, I'll give them each a smidge of turkey and a smidge of cheese. 

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