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Air Duct Cleaning: Is the additional sanitizing/steaming/fogging worth it?

So I know the benefits of air duct cleaning and am definitely planning to get that done before turning on the heat this season...but many of the places that offer the service have an additional fee to sanitize the ducts (though they all seem to have different names for it!). If you have had your air ducts cleaned, did you go for the additional sanitizing option? If you did or did not, were you happy with that choice?

On the one hand, the lowest quote with just the high powered vacuum and air-blown agitator for my area is $280 and I'm not exactly excited to add $80-90 to the cost to add the sanitizing service.

On the other hand, we just purchased this house that was built in 1951, so it likely makes sense to pay a bit more to ensure it is truly clean, especially when I have allergies (pollen & dust) and I know that the previous owners had German Shepards and smoked.

Would love to hear thoughts, opinions, experiences of others to help make this decision - Thanks!

Re: Air Duct Cleaning: Is the additional sanitizing/steaming/fogging worth it?

  • Having the ducts cleaned should take car of dog hair that might be in ducts. If your allergies are really bad, then it might be worth it. But then I would probably consider adding filters to your vents. If your house has a bad smoke and/or dog smell, I would have the carpet cleaned because I would think that the carpet would hold in the smell of those things more then the duct work.

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