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Is decorative concrete surfacing worth?

I had my home's concrete floor preparation done by the concrete surface preparation team at Toronto .The flooring for the entire house, except for the living area which was of hardwood, was done by them. I  had to change the flooring of my living space into concrete because of large amount of scratches that kept appearing. And cleaning was one among my top concern points with hardwood around. Now I am happy with the performance and radiance of my floors. I came across a decorative concrete surfacing add. Has anyone tried it? I would like to get experienced answers since I am planning to get it done for my living space.

Re: Is decorative concrete surfacing worth?

  • I have hardwood that is very scratched thanks to it's age and my dog so I feel your pain. As for concrete, I've only personally experienced it done outdoors (parents' pool deck had acid-washed concrete for color/theme) but I have heard wonderful things about it indoors as long as your house is leveled/settled already and as long as you get a high quality sealant on top. One of my friends has the matte sealant and she said that the texture makes it slightly hard to clean so she wishes she explored a more glossy sealant. There's also options of marbled and shimmer effects, I would definitely look at a bunch of photos and samples!


    Sorry that's not much help but good luck!



  • Gee....what a great advertisement....

    Just something to think about -  if you're planning on selling anytime soon, indoor concrete floors (even if they're stained/painted/decorated & sealed), would be considered unfinished flooring, and could lower the appraised home value & price of the sale.

    I would do a little research to be sure, but I read that a few times fairly recently from home inspectors/appraisers. 

    If you want flooring that you know would be considered 'finished" at the event of a sale, want something durable, easy to clean, and decorative, you could consider looking into tile options.  There are other options besides just hardwood or concrete.
  • I'm in Ohio and decroative expoxy finishes on concrete are becoming more popular. It's big in businesses but also gaining in popularity in residential homes. It's a fun way to add a unique look to your house. One thing that is keeping us from doing it is that we're not sure if the style we like is something that the masses would like and we plan to sell our home in 10-15 years. So when we do redo our mudroom/laundry room area (which is where we thought we would do it) we will probably go with something that will appeal to more people when we go to re-sell it.
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