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Organizing a VERY SMALL mudroom / laundryroom

Hi ladies. I just bought my first house with my husband and 17m daughter. The "public areas" of the house, the kitchen/dining/family room combination and play room, really make it a great house for us. But there is always a "but..."

We enter the house from the garage, into the mudroom / laundry room. It leads directly into the kitchen. This room is extremely small. And I think it's lack of organization makes us extremely unorganized. I posted a picture of what it looks like (excuse the messiness!)

As you can see, there is storage. What is in there now is laundry supplies and extra small kitchen appliances that won't fit in the kitchen. We live in New Mexico, so locations for big puffy coats is NOT necessary. But I'd love a place to organize my purse, the diaper bag for daycare, our coats, etc. They end up all over the place in the house and make life more difficult in the morning. I think hanging storage on the walls would be the most likely to be utilized, but I don't know if that works for this tiny room.

As we  just bought the house, money is tight. So there is no way the storage that is already in the room is coming down or changing significantly. I'm looking for lower cost additions or changes we could make.

Thanks for your suggestions!
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Re: Organizing a VERY SMALL mudroom / laundryroom

  • Hey there! Ok first of all, hanging storage always works! I would recommend hanging shelves or a box shelf unit from Ikea. You can find both options for very cheap. Also if money is extra tight just buy hanging hooks and put those up. Anything helps. :)
  • Start by pushing your washer & dryer closer together, that will make more space along the wall. As a starter, invest into some command hooks, they have decorative ones and they don't require that you put holes into your wall. Use them for a while and see how the hooks work for you, if they do, you can always upgrade to something fancier down the road. And for your daughter, put a hook down at her height & you can get her into the habit now of taking off her coat & hanging it up when she gets home. As she grows, you can change the height of the hook so she can continue to reach it (have to give one of my friends credit for that idea).
  • I wish I could see the rest of your house, because I love "problems" like this! By now, you've probably solved the issue, but maybe not as you have your hands full with a little one.

    While I can't tell what's on the two walls between the doorway (opposite the w/d), I'm assuming it's free wall and floor space. If it is, I would create a "center" for shoes and coats on one of those walls. We have a stylish-looking woven cabinet that doubles as a bench you can sit on to tie your shoes---three rows of shoes hide inside. The benefit of a piece like this, obviously, is it would be space-saving as well as prevent the shoe collection being an eyesore, should others enter through your garage/mudroom.

    Above that, I would hang a long shelf/wall box that includes coat hooks. I'd keep it horizontal so the eye keeps right on moving past it and through the room. On the opposite wall, I'd do something decorative so the room isn't overpowered by utility (although I'm always tempted to put spaces to work if I have a spare wall!)
  • Some small shelves on the wall next to the cabinet may also help.

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