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Do you resemble a celebrity?

@sassypants527 mentioned in the Randoms post that she has been told she looks like Liv Tyler before. Has anyone ever told you that you look like a certain celebrity? PIP for bonus.

I have gotten Joan Osbourne and Anna Paquin before. I can see Joan Osbourne because of the curly hair and big nose. I do have dark eyebrows like Anna, but I think that is where the resemblance ends.



Re: Do you resemble a celebrity?

  • I don't see it at all, but maybe it's one of those things where I look different IRL than I do in photos. Not the best photo, but here's me. I do have blue eyes but the glasses make it hard to see that:


    Here's Liv (who is gorgeous):


    And here's Steven in HS (and now). I still think he could fit my entire head in his mouth:
    Steven Tyler
  • Nope.  I have never been told I look like anyone.
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  • @sassypants527 ; I can see the resemblance. The dark brown hair and blue eyes. I think your mouths are similar as well. Not like Steven Tyler's though!


  • InLovewSBInLovewSB member
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    My husband thinks I resemble Natalie Portman...

    (me & my sister)

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  • When I was in my early 20s and Buffy was still on the air, I got Sarah Michelle Gellar CONSTANTLY. 

    When I first bleached my hair and wore my long extensions all the time, I got Daryl Hannah CONSTANTLY. 

    I haven't gotten anything recently.
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  • When I was younger and weighed more, more than one person freaked out about the engagement photo my ILs had framed, because they thought it was Preity Zinta. I never saw the resemblance, and I think it was just that particular set of photos.
  • I've heard that I look like Scarlett Johansson.

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  • Both my mom and I have been told (independently, multiple times) we look like Ingrid Bergman (of Casablanca.) I don't see it, but it is weird we've both been told it.

    Can I marry them all?


  • I've been compared to a lot of celebs and have never seen a resemblance with any of them.

    MH's uncle is totally convinced I look exactly like Shikira (even mentioned it in the toast he gave at our wedding). An old coworker told me for years that I look like Elizabeth Shue. Several people have said I look like what's her name the runs/owns The Honest Company or Angelina Jolie. 

    None of those people look anything like, so you can see why I'm doubtful.
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  • Skeezon said:
    With my previous glasses and long hair, a lot of people told me I looked like Alex on OITNB.

    I am totally going to start calling you Hot Donna! :) 

    ETA: I hope that you get the That 70s Show reference. If not, then color me awkward.
    I totally get that reference and I'm flattered!
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  • In my much younger, more put together days, people said I resembled Jessica Biel.  I didn't see it at all but whatever.
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  • The only comparison I've received is Tracie Chapman.


    I also sometimes get Sharon from Real World London which was a zillion years ago.

  • The only comparison I've received is Tracie Chapman.


    I also sometimes get Sharon from Real World London which was a zillion years ago.

    If that is you in the pic above with the water in the background, then I can see Sharon a little bit. Tracie Chapman, I do not see at all though.

    Also, I loved that Real World London season! I feel old. :(


  • Y'all are purty.
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  • @CeeCeeSugaPie - Heh. No! That pic is of Sharon now. 
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