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Kitty needs to go on a diet!

I have the sweetest little kitty- she's 3 years old. She's my baby! 
But, kitty is FAT. My family recently visited and everyone immediately commented on how she has gotten bigger recently.  She seriously needs to lose weight. 
I've tried Cat Diet food that I found at PetsMart, smaller portions, playing with her more often. I've even bought a cat leash and tried to take her on a walk outside- which ended very badly. 

Has anyone had success with certain brands of food? Is there anything else I can do to help her lose weight? 

Re: Kitty needs to go on a diet!

  • "Catkins diet"- high protein low in everything else. we feed our little carnivores grain-free Wellness canned food. 

    they're both very svelte now.
    Me: 28 H: 30
    Married 07/14/2012
    TTC #1 January 2015
    BFP! 3/27/15 Baby Girl!! EDD:12/7/2015
  • I've never tried canned food- only dry. Is Wellness a brand? Where can I buy it?
  • wellness is a brand. you can probably get it at a pet-store, we order ours on amazon. 

    Cats are carnivores by nature, their bodies are not designed to process all the fillers that are added to dry food....which often results in fat cats. 

    it takes a little more work because wet food can't sit out for days at a time (once the can is opened you should refrigerate whatever you don't give to your cat). for ours I buy the 12.5 oz cans, which feeds 2 approximately 10lb cats 3 meals (they get 2 meals a day). I add a little water to the food and chunk it up into bite-sized pieces. (cats also tend to not drink enough water so adding some to their food can help with hydration)
    Me: 28 H: 30
    Married 07/14/2012
    TTC #1 January 2015
    BFP! 3/27/15 Baby Girl!! EDD:12/7/2015
  • Thanks that's very helpful! 
    I have noticed that my cat wasn't drinking enough water. I changed her metal water bowl to a glass one, and for some reason she drinks much more water now with a glass bowl. I think the metal bowl may have caused the water to taste bad. 

  • What are you currently feeding? and how much? 

    I very much agree that a higher protein and lower carb diet is important in maintaining a health weight in a cat.  

    How much did she way at her 2 yr appointment and how much does she weight now?  
    DD born 1.25.15

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