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moon cups? TMI

Does anyone have experience with these? I want to try them out but they are pricey...and when I get my period it is ridiculously heavy and I wonder if that would work or not. I use basically the biggest nightime pads I can get my hands on for everyday use during my period. Are moon cups hard to handle? The one time I tried tampons I got blood all over my hands...maybe that's normal and I just don't know it.


Re: moon cups? TMI

  • I tried it once, when I was still a virgin. It did not go well for me, though I'd been using tampons for years. I couldn't get it in. I'm thinking about trying again, now, though. 
  • I use a Diva Cup and I can't rave enough about it! :) It did take a little bit of practice to figure out how to get it in right, but once I did, now it's super easy and takes no time at all. I just change it out first thing in the morning, and then at

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  • I also have a diva cup. I bought it 2.5 years ago for $25 on amazon. I haven't had to replace it and it's pretty awesome. 
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    Does anyone have experience with these? I want to try them out but they are pricey...

    I felt the same way. I bought a generic silicone menstrual cup from ebay a few years ago (I think I spent ~$14) and I love it! I've also tried "Softcups" from the drugstore, but it's not at all the same thing and I didn't care for them. The first few days of my period are heavy and I just have to check my cup more frequently; I'll wear a pantyliner for extra security. You cannot be afraid to get some blood on your hands at some point. Hope this helps!

  • Usually a lurker, but here goes :=)

    Having had MAJOR heavy flow issues ( for a while was on BC, even though tubes are tied, but didn't work) hate pads, could never find tampons that worked effectively. saw softcups at the drugstore ( disposable version of a diva cup) figured "hey try these and see if it is doable, before buying the actual diva cup.

    and they work! I was amazed at how many period issues resolved once I stopped using tampons. Cramps? used to have me in bed on day 1 and 2 unable to function, now if I have them they are a lot less. Occasionally I will still have heavy flow issues ( always day 1 and 2) but that just means I need to empty/clean a bit more often.

    So glad I made the change :) 

    *edited to add once I tried the softcups it was a no brainer to switch to the diva cup, but I do keep a box of softcups around in the cabinet and a couple in my purse for just in case. plus I have been known to give one to my female friends to try. :P 

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  • I used soft cups for a long time before switching to my diva cup. It is the best thing ever, I never feel it and the fact it's reusable is important to me. I use to use tampons which meant every month I was flushing (about) 20 tampons which meant I was throwing away an applicator a plunge and wrapping so 3 pieces of trash per tampon. I can't stand being that wasteful! I got into a talk about trash/waste with women  astronauts and discovered diva cups! lol! However if you are use to pads you could always try reusable/washable pad, I have a friend (who is a virgin) and she loves them!
  • image MelissaKathrine:
    However if you are use to pads you could always try reusable/washable pad, I have a friend (who is a virgin) and she loves them!

    I am a huge fan of reusable pads. They feel much more comfortable against your skin than a sticky plasticky pad and they are thinner! I use Party in my Pants brand and yes they are a bit pricy, but they are durable and  washable and you may find that one pad can last you all day (on your lighter days).

    They also run promotions on facebook fairly often where you can comment to get a free pad or a contest to name their newest fabric choice and if they pick your name you win.  

  • I recently got a meluna menstrual cup, but unfortunately I've had some problems with leaking on my heavier days.  I've only had it for 2 cycles, so I'm hoping that it's just because I'm still figuring it out.  I'm going to keep trying and see if it improves.
  • I just started using the Moon Cup. It was the cheaper cup. It only cost me about $20.00 so I bought it to try it out.
  • It has never happened to me before. I wonder if it could be left over cotton pieces from old tampons, though. 
  • I've been using my Diva cup since July/August 2013. I love it and I am so happy I learned about it. I got mine from because it was on sale and came with Diva cup wash for free. Its paid itself back already and I highly recommend it for anyone with a heavy flow.
  • GEOGGEOG member
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    I have been using the Diva Cup for about 1.5 years now and I can not stop telling people how amazing it is! It took me a couple months to master the art but I highly recommend it. Let us know if you give it a try!
  • I just do not like these, I don't like inserting things except parts of bodies.  To each their own, I guess.
  • One of my friends, who is a self-proclaimed "green freak", actually uses cloth rags for her periods. I don't know the exact process of how that works (not really close enough to go into details) but she swears by it. She does limit her travel and activities during her period - I assume because nothing would be more gross than needing to change a cloth while out and bring it home in your purse. 

    But during the week that is all she uses and washes them with a certain solution every evening and morning.
  • I started using my diva cup 3 years ago and was very skeptical. That being said I love it and will never go back to pads/tampons.
  • I've only been using the Diva cup 3 months so far but I already think it's great & wish I'd bought it years ago when I first heard of it.
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    I had an idea of using various such menstrual cups. Like Femmy cup, Moon cup, Cupissima cup. All such menstrual cup ideas were shared by my friend. I was using tampons that time so after getting the idea about the moon cup I didn't go back to tampons. Really, it was great using such menstrual cups. To get an idea about more menstrual cup look at this website . Back then, there were no methods to treat this issue, while in our days, a woman in menstruation can use absorbents, tampons or menstrual cup.
  • I know this is an older thread, but I've been using the Diva cup.  I think how easy/hard it is easy really depends on the woman.

    I've used it for many periods, but can only change it out when I am at home (in the tub) because it usually makes a mess.  I don't really have problems putting it in, but it is literally impossible to take out at times unless it is almost full.  If it isn't full, I have to wait until the evening or I can't get it out at all.  And even then it is pretty tough.

    I've read forum boards specifically about cups and have tried every trick to take it out more easily, but nothing works.  Use a medical glove for taking out!  That was one of the best pieces of advice I read.

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