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Would You

Sell your wedding dress? Or did you?

My friend's sister is getting married next year and she asked me if I had thought about selling my dress. I didn't have an answer for her but I'm giving it some serious consideration. I haven't done anything with it since we took our pictures in Lake Michigan two years ago. I never even got it cleaned since the lake took care of that for me. I don't know what to do with it but I'm not sure I really could sell it. I guess I don't really see the point of keeping it in a box but is it wrong to get rid of your wedding dress?!? I don't even know if the girl would want the dress but it's still a thought. What would you do?!

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Re: Would You

  • I've considered selling mine. But I'm not very sentimental like that. So yes, if someone was interested in it, I'd sell mine. It's not like I'm ever going to wear it again, and I don't see my daughter (if I ever have one) wearing it.
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  • I did. A family friend of my mom's bought it for her niece. They are from Laos, very cool knowing my dress is across the world!
  • I would consider it. I don't think I could sell it to a perfect stranger though but I don't know if I could see someone in my dress in their wedding pictures. It would be a tough decision and since my mom bought my dress I feel like I would want her permission if I decided to sell it. This is a very tough question! But I would take it as a HUGE compliment that someone wanted to buy my dress.
  • I did. I listed it on a wedding dress website 2 weeks after my wedding. I adored my dress but I'll never wear it again and I will certainly never fit into it again so why not let someone else enjoy it? The girl I sold it to didn't have a ton of money and could never have afforded to buy it new so I saw it as a win-win for both of us. She got the dress she wanted and I got a little cash back.
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  • Idk I am very sentimental I still have my wedding flowers! I may have some of the fabric turned into a christening outfit for when we have children. Maybe do something creative since I won't ever wear it again, but I am even debating that. Even tho when we go back to wi is august I want to try it on to see how it fits since I have lost about 20lbs since our wedding. I do not think I could ever sell my dress.

  • I've thought about it. Yes it's my wedding dress, but I'll never do anything with it, so it seems silly to keep it. I'm hesitant though because it was altered so much and there's a tear in the front. 

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  • My dress was cut into a christening gown, blanket and bonnet, so I don't think anyone would want it.  
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  • I want to! My mom is the sentimental one, she would get mad. She gave me the ring my dad gave her (they are divorced) but won't let me sell it either. It just sits in my jewerly box haha
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  • I wasn't sure what I was going to do with mine until my old landlord decided for me. I am pretty much over it now but I wish I could have done something with it.
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    I'm far too sentimental to sell it
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  • I'm torn.  I've brought it up to DH and I think he wants me to keep it.  I really want to do a trash the dress, but it never happened.  I brought it up to DH and he's iffy on that too.  I just know my daughter would never wear it.  I wish I did what @kushie77 did.
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