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weekend update


"Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly"

Re: weekend update

  • High: I got to spend some time with one of my friends. I also got to see her new house!

    Low: H hurt his back so the whole weekend was stressful. I was left to do everything because he couldn't bend or even really walk.
  • Highs: we handed over the keys on the sale of our house! We get to relax, a little bit, now. Still stuff to do, but we won't be so rushed!! :) And the CFL football season kicked off... i'm pretty pumped :) 

    Lows: It rained a lot... 
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  • High: We had FSIL's shower Saturday and it went great! She loved it! 

    Low: It took me forever to get home on Friday thanks to traffic. Then when I got home my Mom hadn't made copies of my brother's baby photos for the shower which I had asked her to do months ago. I was so mad because there wasn't a reason, she just didn't do it and it was the one thing I asked her to do after she offered to help. So I had to rush around and do that before meeting the other BMs and prep for the shower. 

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  • Highs- I got to spend some time with H yesterday because he left work early #becausefutbol

    Lows- He worked Saturday so I went in to get some things done and ended up putting in an entire day. Yuck.
  • Highs : My friend came to visit from DC we had a great time! 

    Lows: Nothing really
    "Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly"
  • Highs: got to see my family. Got Leo some new clothes and toys while we were near a Target and Once Upon a Child.

    Lows: Leo got sick over the weekend. So being away from home was not fun. He's on some meds now to hopefully kick this infection.
  • Highs - I love my baby. He is getting so expressive and is talking so much more now. I just love spending time with him.

    Lows - My grandfather had a stroke last Monday and is still in the hospital.
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  • High: H had a job interview on Friday that went really well. This job would make a huge difference in our family planning ;-)

    Low: I found out my first grader that has leukemia is not doing well. He was doing so great the last 3 months, so strong, hardly any side effects and responding really well to the treatment. But this third round of chemo has really kicked his butt and he is starting to look very sickly and sad. I cried when I saw the picture they posted of him. Still praying for that little guy!
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