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GTKY: Mail

Who gets the mail everyday? Who goes through the mail everyday?

Re: GTKY: Mail

  • Usually H gets the mail and leaves it in a pile in the kitchen. When I come home, I put it away.
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  • We get our mail every day and I go through it every day. There's actually a trash can right when you come into our apartment specifically for junk mail. We have to empty it about every other week with all the credit card offers we get! 

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  • It's a 50/50 split who gets it.  Our mail doesn't come until around 6pm, so usually it's whoever is outside at that time.  I sort through it daily.  I have an organizer with 31 slots so I pop bills in the slot accordingly and toss the junk. 
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  • H usually gets the mail when he gets home. He will throw away the junk and when I get home I go through the rest. I will open up the bills and write the due date on the outside and stick it in the bill slot.
  • I almost always check the mail and sort it. I am horrible about throwing things away. H is always asking me to clear it all out.
  • I almost always check the mail and sort it. I am horrible about throwing things away. H is always asking me to clear it all out.
    This is exactly why I put a trash can near the door! 

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  • I used to get it everyday while H was working for himself, because you never knew when a cheque, or a bill might be there. After he quit that, and our brutally cold winter, i'd get it every couple days (we had to walk accross the street to get it... (the horror!)) but in our new house, the mail comes right to the door, so we check it every day again. 
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  • spalkospalko member
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    We don't get a ton of mail but Tim checks it every day when he gets home. He typically leaves it on the counter and I sort through it when I get home.
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  • I do...if h did we would never pay any bills lol
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  • We usually get mail everyday just news paper ads and stuff and bills. It's nice there is a trash in the mail place of our apt complex that we can just throw junk away and bring the stuff we want back up to the apt.

  • We are about 50/50 on who gets the mail.  I am home before my husband everyday, but I don't always feel like walking to the mailbox, especially when it is raining.  Unless there is something exciting for me in the mail (i.e. coupons, invitations, etc) I let my husband open the mail.  I do have to nag my husband to keep the mail stacked nicely, otherwise it is all over the counter.  That drives me bonkers.  About once a week we go through our mail pile and recycle stuff, or put it in a pile to be shredded.  
  • We live in a really small town and don't get our mail delivered to our house. We have to go to the post office around the corner. H gets home first so he always stops at the post office on his way home. I'm the one who sorts it though.
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