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Mixed Emotions

mancila60mancila60 mod
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I'm having mixed emotions right now and mostly just want to vent this but you ladies also have great advice sometimes so I'm just going to put this out there. So my dad moved away from the city I live in when I was in middle school. He lived in North Carolina for a while and then more recently Arkansas where he has lived since I was in high school. He recently got a job in Louisiana which I was excited for because at least we would be in the same state again. He just informed us tonight via text that he is moving back here same city and everything TOMORROW! All of his moving is for jobs and I knew ultimately he wanted to move back here but figured it would still be a few years. My dad and I have had a rough relationship my whole life and have never been super close. It wasn't until I got engaged that we actually started working on things and they have improved quite a bit. We even text weekly now and see each other about once a month or so. I'm excited my dad is moving back but super nervous on the other hand because we have just never been close enough to be close in our relationship. I am super close with my mom and we do a lot together on the weekends so it's going to be an adjustment for everybody because my dad is going to want to see us a lot since his biggest reason for moving back is to be close to Ethan his first grandchild. I know this will change things for us, I just wish he would have given us better and more notice. I'm just not sure how I should feel but I feel bad that I feel that way. My parents are divorced and have been since I was 2. My dad remarried before I was 5 and is still with the same woman. So it's not like he will be with us all the time which makes it easier for sure. I'm hoping that this move will be good for all of us.

Re: Mixed Emotions

  • I would give it time and see how things pan out. I'm sure he'll be busy for a while with such a sudden move and settling into a new location, so you'll both have time to adjust to this new situation. Try to be positive about the fact that he's closer now and you'll be able to work on your relationship while he develops one with Ethan. 

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  • Good luck and keep us updated with the progress! My dad used to be quite the butthead but it changed so much when he moved away. He is now patient and understanding. Many things I wish he was with my brother and I when we were growing up. I sincerely hope you are able to find the balance with your parents and he is there for you and your little family.
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