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Have you ever been in trouble with the law? If so when and why? If not have you ever done something and thought you would get caught?

Re: GTKY: Law

  • no, when I was in 9th grade I got caught stealing make up from a local store, security caught us and called my mom. The wrath of my parents keep me from never doing anything remotely like that again haah 
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  • Much like Melissa, in 8th grade I got busted stealing makeup (which is funny cause I never wear any). I had to work at the store after school for a couple of weeks. And my parents flipped. Never even thought about it again. Other than that... I've had a couple speeding tickets lol
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  • I remember I was in 6th grade and my friend and I went to the local little drug store to get a birthday card for her mother.  There was a mean old lady who worked there and she accused us of stealing and made us turn our pockets out to prove we didn't steal anything.  We had only our money in our pockets and that made me feel so ashamed that I think it scared me from ever doing anything like that.  And let me tell you when I got home and told my mom about it she marched us back down that and chewed that woman's ass off.  

    And unless a speeding ticket counts, then no law troubles here. 
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  • When I was 20 I was in a car with open bottles of alcohol in the trunk and we got pulled over. I had no clue it was there. I was never arrested or charged, but did have to go to court where nothing came of it. I honestly still don't completely understand judicially what happened, but am glad I don't have a record or anything! Scariest night of my life! 

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  • When I was 12 a friend of the family was turning 21, she was the oldest out of all of us and I was the youngest. She had a sleepover at her place and earlier that day one of the other girls (16) had a wine cooler. Around midnight we went to get some ice cream at Walmart and she got pulled over and the cop thought she was drunk. She is super clumsy and can't pass a field sobriety test anytime ever. So they arrested her but gave her a breathalyzer and she was 0.0000 but in this process one of the girls admitted she had a drink earlier in the day.

    We all got a ride in the cop car, 21 year old was arrested for giving to minors and my parents were called. I was super scared and begged the cops not to call my parents, I even told them to just keep me. I never even came close to getting in trouble again (minus speeding tickets).
  • I had a "hit and run" when I was 18. I drove, going like 5mph, into a work truck. I bent my license plate. I got out of the car and I was hysterical. The guy told me over and over not to worry about it. I tried to give him my insurance info and everything but he refused to take it. He only asked for my phone number, just in case. I gave it to him and, shortly after, like an hour later, I got a call from the local PD threatening to have a warrant issued for my arrest for a hit and run. I got a ticket for failure to keep a safe distance.

    BTW- Nice ti see y'all again :) I missed you when I was on vacation!
  • I've had a few close calls, the closest being one night I was drinking my freshman year in college (clearly a minor) and I was throwing up straight beer outside my dorm and a campus police officer stopped us and asked us if we were ok. The sober, older guy that was with us (probably 22) talked to the cop for us, and I was a drunk idiot, telling the cop we were drinking all week (I meant to say we were studying all week). She just told the guy to make sure we get back to our rooms safely. That would have totally ruined my current career, though it wouldn't have mattered in the career I thought I was going into before, which is why I was so careless.
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  • When I was really young like 8/9 got caught stealing some small things from like a party store my parent found out they took me back to the store so I could apologize and return them. Gotten pulled over a couple times for speeding never gotten a ticket tho

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