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Small House,Tight Budget=No Birthday Party?

Ok,so I am in desperate need of advise and ideas. My husband's birthday is coming up very soon and I would love to do something nice for him. We live in a small 3 bedroom house with some backyard space. However, I really do not want to host a gathering at my house because of the size of my husbands family. It consists of 8 adults and 11 children all under the age of 10! So just his family alone plus us would already make 20 people! Not to mention I do not have alot of patience with children and it does not help that their parents let them run around like wild animals. Of course I would love to invite my family as well to celebrate they are a party of 5. So that would make 25 guests. Now since I am aware of my patience level I had planned to rent a private room at a restaurant to celebrate my hubby's birthday. I thought it would be the solution. No cooking or cleaning afterwards and nothing in my house would get broken by children!  Unfortunately,to have such luxuries would rack up a bill of about 400 dollars at the restaurant! After speaking with my husband he does not like the idea of spending so much for his birthday.( I agree,we are trying to save.) He suggested inviting everyone to the restaurant and have each family pay for their own meal. I find this very tacky and embarrassing. Now I have no idea what to do. I want to celebrate my husbands birthday and make him feel special on his day. But we cannot come to an agreement. Any ideas of what I could do? Help Please!

Re: Small House,Tight Budget=No Birthday Party?

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