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GTKY: Furniture

What piece of furniture do you wish you could get rid of? Did you have it before getting married? If so who did it belong to?

Re: GTKY: Furniture

  • It's not really furniture I guess but I wish I could get rid of H's weight machine. It's HUGE. It takes up a 1/3 of our basement and I have never once seen him use it. In fact, I didn't even know that he had it until we moved into the house and it showed up in all of its giant, space-sucking glory.
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  • We have a "baby" dresser in our spare room that we use as a tv stand. It came from MIL's and it was great when she lived with us but now it's taking up space and it's old so it's not great quality.

    Also I want to get rid of the pillows on our couch and loveseat. They are so huge and stiff and just in the way most of the time. I would love to get rid of them and just buy smaller ones.
  • I have a beat up old love seat that is just in the way.  The cats like to lay on it, I'd rather they shed on that then my good sofa. 

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  • I hate our couch!! We're getting a new one this summer and I cannot wait.
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  • It was our couch, but we finally got rid of that! Now it's probably H's treadmill. I tried to convince him to get an elliptical and he didn't. He's never used the treadmill. Not once. 

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