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qod 3/18

Do your co-worker or boss do anything that annoys you?
"Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly"

Re: qod 3/18

  • So many things.  But I think the 2 that take the cake are the one nurse who just barges into my office when the door is closed without knocking.  It's closed for a reason. She almost knocked someone off a chair that I was doing an insulin teaching with.  I also have another coworker who calls me kiddo, and she's like 23.  I want to smack her.  
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  • My main co worker is my boss whonis also my mom. So yes there are lots of things but none of which are serious. We actually work very well together and can handle our own jobs. It's the technicians that get one my nerves. They try to do our paperwork and for some of our clients we have to fill things out a certain way or we don't get paid. They always do it wrong! And then get mad at us when we don't get paid.
  • There are a lot! (I'm not happy in my job at the moment.) I think one of the things that bugs me the most is that a lot of my coworkers are LOUD! You can hear them in another office through closed doors. 
    I also have the server in my office so anyone who needs to do something with it just walks in. I could be in a meeting and they just walk in. It drives me nuts! 

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  • So many things. I have a co-worker who ALWAYS complains about being too busy and blames me because I am the supervisor... however, at any given time, he is just standing around talking to someone. It is ridiculous. I also can't stand the clique-y crap. 
  • Im probrarly the luckiest person in regards to co-workers, but of course they can still do annoying things. The newest one is this 24 year old kid who thinks he knows everything and questions me all the time. Listen Buddy, not only am I older than you but I been doing my job for 8 years,also to make matters worst I actually accepted him into the university we work for, so chill and respect your elders! 
    "Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly"
  • I essentially have 3 bosses and 2 of them can drive me bonkers sometimes. But one of the other assistants takes the cake. She's 50+ and generally unhappy with how her life turned out I think so she takes it out on everyone else. For awhile I had the target on my back, then it was the other assistant and now it's one of the lawyers. She's always got an issue who someone. And we recently discovered she likes to talk crap about all of us to the rest of the office. But never to the persons face. If she has a problem with you everyone and their dog hears about it. Except the person she has the issue with. And she likes to say she told us stuff she didn't. Thankfully I've only got 4.5 months left then I'm off and outta there for at least a year (thank you Canadian mat leave)
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  • I could write a novel on everything that is wrong with the interoffice communication/drama/annoyances at my work place - which I think mostly stems from the manager not managing and not calling people out on their BS. Let's just leave it at I am STOKED to be off for a year starting Saturday. 
  • There is a ton of paperwork that comes with daycare stuff, and no matter how much training I or my supervisor provides to my other staff, I'm the only one who does the paperwork. Any of it. Some of them are just lazy, some of them refuse to learn and some of them are remedial and can't learn. One guy I had to tell him 3x how to do the attendance properly and he still doesn't do it right so I said forget it, I'll just fricken do it. Thanks anyway for your "efforts"
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