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Going from one cat to two

Both cats are rescues. We've had our girl for 9 years, since a kitten. She's been around other cats and managed just fine. Our new boy is 2. He is a lover (to people and the other cats he lived with) and just wants to be by us all the time. He has started chasing her though. She used to run and hide. Now will run but not hide. Even without hiding it's getting worse.

She still acts normal. Her routine has not changed. Feeding schedule has not changed. She still cuddles with us. Plays. Except when he chases her she is really nervous.

We are trying to build her confidence and break him of his habit. I need help and suggestions. Please.

Re: Going from one cat to two

  • Your resident cat is acting like prey to your new cat because she doesn't have the confidence that she should. Your new cat is just playing, but it's important to try to get your resident kitty not to run away. Look into Jackson Galaxy's website and books or watch his show on Animal Planet called My Cat From Hell. He can definitely help.

    Another thing you should consider is buying a pheromone diffuser called Feliway. It's like a glade fragrance plug in, but only the cat can smell it and it has incredible calming effects. My Graycie is so much more playful and loving when we have Feliway and when it runs out there is a major difference. It helps the cat feel happy and comfortable and once you buy the diffuser it's only $10 a month for refills. Buy it on Amazon for the best price. Good luck!
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  • We have one feliway. We need at least one more for our place. She is better since we got it (why she doesn't hide anymore).

    I'll be sure to check out Jackson Galaxy's site. I'm sure there are things on it we are not doing/ haven't tried yet.

    It's interesting because she has always acted this way (runs up and down the halls just because). No other cat she has lived with has chased her (male or female).

    Thank you. I'll get feliway from amazon from now on and look at the website.
  • Maybe if you try watching some episodes of My Cat From Hell there will be one with a similar situation to yours.
  • From what you wrote it sounds like one cat is more energetic than the other. And chasing after the other is a game to it. If the other cat is not enjoying that game then the problem needs to be fixed. The cat chasing the other has high energy and needs to be played with more often. Find toys that the cat likes and make sure to play with it everyday and feed it right after it is tired out.
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