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my pet likes my husband more

So I got a pet bunny in school (low maintenance but still cuddly) and G has always thought it was a dumb pet. But now it likes him more! It will only let me pat it if it can watch him from my lap, if it has a choice it always goes over to him and bunnies make happy clucks when you pat them. He gets Sooo many more then I get. Anyone else loosing your pet's loyalties? Also any ideas to win back my bunny? Lol

Re: my pet likes my husband more

  • My dogs both love my husband more. A lot of it is because due to our schedules, he spends more time with them. He feeds them, takes them hunting, etc.

    Maybe spending some more time with your bun and feeding the bunny will help.
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  • We have one cat that is my stalker, another that is his and we have a new puppy that seems to be becoming a Daddy's boy.  He cuddles with me when he is tired and will play with both of us but H seems more exciting to him, I guess.  
  • Feeding, playing, and cuddling together more often may help solve this if you're looking for more love. Our dog (which DH and I got together as a puppy), is way more of a momma's girl, because I did far more training and exercising with her when she was younger, and I'm the primary one overseeing meal time. 
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  • When we had joint custody of our cat Kali (we lived in different cities but got her together) she was a mommys girl. Slowly over the years she likes my H more. We have a new cat and he enjoys Hs company more then mine. I play with both and give them attention. But they prefer him playing and cuddling with him. Although if they are hungry they come to me.

    Spend more time with your bunny it may help.
  • Our cat likes me better. My husband doesn't snuggle & the cat is a major lap cat.


  • Lucky me. My pets tend to favor me :-)
  • moonprincessdmoonprincessd member
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    I don't think you can really win back your pets... maybe with food or treats... but I think they kind of just gravitate towards someone they like.

    Our cats like me more than my husband. Calcifer, the boy, was so tiny when we got him and I was home all the time, so he naturally wants my attention. Mittzy, the girl, just wants food and since I feed them, she annoys me in the morning, lol, lucky husband gets to sleep while I got a furball headbutting me in the face to get up and give her food. 

    When I'm not home and it's food time though, she'll bug him. She also has a thing for his scent. She loves rubbing her head on his clothes. Often lays on his jeans he leaves on the floor.
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