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  • Rants: Still not feeling great so I'm really looking forward to getting lots of sleep this weekend. I think at least one morning to sleep in is just what I need!

    Raves: Had a pretty good week at work. I write our annual appeal letter and it got approved with no edits by our CEO and made my committee chair cry (in a good way). It's like the best thing that could happen!

    WP: Sleep. Also, H's bday is Sunday but he has to work, so we're celebrating Saturday. I'm taking him to his favorite restaurant an hour away, I'll also probably take him out to lunch on his bday. Somewhere in there I'll have to go shopping for Thanksgiving and my Mom's Bday which is next Saturday, but I'll give her present to her on Thanksgiving.

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  • Rants: it's raining and is supposed to rain through next Wed.

    Raves: I got my hair cut and colored yesterday and it just feels so much better.

    Weekend Plans: staying home! We need to clean up our spare room and the house in general so we are going to work on that plus laundry.
  • WP:  Getting ready for Thanksgiving, cleaning, shopping etc.  I have a hair appointment tomorrow.

    Raves:  It's payday, it's Friday, they cancelled clinical tonight, so I don't have school.  H is planning a date night!

    Rants:  The brain trusts in IT took our report distribution system offline calling it obsolete.  However they failed to put a new system in place or notify anyone they were taking it offline.  We're on day 4 of no reports, meaning that when we do get back online we're getting hit with a massive backlog of work.  Oh and we're not allowed overtime to deal with it.  However, I've managed to get a whole lot of schoolwork done at work, since we're stuck spinning our wheels while they figure this out. 

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  • Rants:

    Let's just say it's been a long week. (yeah, made for a really Happy birthday.  haha. )



    Weekend Plans:
    Lots of:



    Because instead of cleaning all week, I threw myself a week long pity party, and Saturday is our:


    Annual Friends Thanksgiving..  Yay!



    After 2 years of TTC, lots of tests, and a Hysteroscopy/Laparoscopy to remove several polyps,
    Clomid/IUI #1 3/14: cancelled due to surprise BFP 3/8/14.
    Beta 1 3/11: 398  Beta 2 3/13: 728  Beta 3 3/20: 11,482 
    Surprise BFP turns into Surprise Twins! 

    Zoey and Garrett born 10/24/14 at 36+3


  • Rants: nothin much really! Been a decent week. I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday... That kinda sucked.

    Raves: my team made the cfl grey cup!!! Woo! :)

    Weekend plans: tonight, hopefully go see catching fire! tomorrow... Not much. Probably out for breakfast, maybe do a little shopping. Sunday... CFL GREY CUP!!! Watch my team, hopefully, bring home the championship! :) SIL And her hubby are comin over to watch with us. Oh, we'll probably put up our Xmas lights too :)
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  • Raves: it is my day off! Happy to just relax since I haven't had a day off for 2 and a half weeks of working straight. Rants: none that I can think off. W.P: work and more work.

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