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GTKY: Breakfast

Pancakes, waffles, or french toast? Why?

Re: GTKY: Breakfast

  • Pancakes! Always has and always will be my favorite. If we eat them at home I put peanut butter on them but if we go out I use regular butter. Either way they taste amazing!
  • Waffles with jam or fruit syrup. I can't stand the smell of maple, so maple syrup is out.  I make waffles just about every Sunday at home
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  • French toast. My parents used this blueberry bread and the blueberries would pop and it would be ooey gooey deliciousness.
  • Pancakes, but I'm VERY picky about them so I rarely order them when out. My favorite are the sour cream pancakes by Pioneer Woman.

    Waffles would be my second favorite. I love them with fruit!

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  • Definitely pancakes!  Waffles would be my 2nd choice.
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  • Pancakes. The morning after our wedding, all I could think about was ordering pancakes and bacon. LOL I had been on a diet for so long that that's all I wanted.
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  • Mmm French Toast! And IHops French toast is straight from heaven I swear!


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  • It depends on the day.  Usually it is french toast or pancakes, but I love all three!!
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