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BC Question

I have an appt with my GYN next week, so I will ask her also, but I wanted to know if any of you ladies knew anything about this.

I am on Seasonique, a three-month cycle BCP. I think the three months is a little long for my body to adjust to. I don't have any other side effects, except some breakthrough bleeding usually in the third month before I am scheduled for my period. Not a lot, just spotting for about 4 weeks before the placebo pills. This is the first time I didn't start spotting until 2 weeks before the placebos. Anyway, after 4 weeks of spotting, usually by the time I get to the placebos, there's nothing left to shed, and I don't get a proper period. My doctor has said before that the breakthrough bleeding is just a side effect and it isn't dangerous unless it's heavy, which it isn't. My only concern is that if I'm not bleeding during the placebos, am I unprotected for that whole week? Does anybody have any insight?
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Re: BC Question

  • How long have you been on it. I took it for a little while about 3 years ago and my body just never adjusted to it. The first 3 months was like I had been on it for years and after that I would always have breakthrough bleeding or my period would come whenever it felt like instead of when it was supposed to.

    I personally didn't care for it so I ended up switching. The idea of it was great but it never seemed to work for me.
  • I was always afraid to do the 3 month. The period is kind of reassuring. I had enough spotting when I was on a very low dose pill. I would spot the whole week before my period and still have a solid period. Yuck. 
  • I have been on it for 15 months. I started getting cramps and stuff about a week ago and I started spotting the beginning of this week. I still have a week of pills before the week of placebos and this is the latest I started spotting since I started. I liked the 3 month thing because I had a $10 Rx copay, which I only pay once every 3 months instead of once a month, so it saved me $80 a year.
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  • Breakthrough bleeding is a relatively common side effect, as you are aware of.  As far as your last question regarding if you're 'protected' if you don't have a real 'period' during your week off, the answer would be yes.  While on birth control there's no reason for a period, hence why some people take it continuously.  So it's not problematic if you don't have a period, and as long as you take it everyday as directed you should be protected regardless.  If the side effects are bothersome though, I'd mention it to your MD.

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