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dog's not eating

We have a 3 year old husky/shepard mix named Boomer. He's always had a really good appetite, but hasn't really been eating his dog food the past few days. He's probably eating 1/2 a bowl vs. the 2 full bowls he gets between breakfast and dinner.

He's not lethargic and is pooping just fine, he is also eating his treats like normal! Boomer's not a dog who has really ever eaten things he's not supposed to, and nothing in the house has been chewed on, so I don't think he ate something he's not supposed to. There have been no changes in his routine or environment and he hasn't had any vaccines lately.

I was wondering if you ladies had any thoughts as to what may be causing this? TIA!

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Re: dog's not eating

  • hmmm that is very strange.  i would call the vet and run it by them.
  • Try doctoring it up with something he likes -- chicken broth, cottage cheese, pumpkin that's canned, plain yogurt.

    Dogs usually love all of the above.

    If he goes another day or 2 with not eating what he should after you've doctored it, call your vet.
  • I would NOT recommend "enticing" your dog to eat more without ruling out a medical issue first.

    Sometimes, dogs just get bored or lazy about eating. You need to institute tough love. A dog who gets hungry enough WILL eat whatever they're given.

    Put down his food at mealtime; take away the bowl with whatever is left in it after a set amount of time. If he hasn't eaten, tough!

    Give NO treats between meals (unless you're working on intense training, and then I'd suggest giving him his regular kibble as the reward rather than a higher value treat). 

    Eventually, he'll start eating normally again. Enticing him to eat with "toppings" on his food or verbal coaxing reinforces his behavior, and he'll eventually stop eating his kibble by itself and always want the "extras". That's not a pattern you want to fall into!

    All of this, of course, is contingent on it being a behavioral thing. You need to rule out illness or even just general tummy upset first. 
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  • Lucky is right, a dog will eat when they are hungry.  He could be getting lazy about eating since he knows he'll get some treats later.  If he's still not eating once you've stopped giving treats and picking up the bowl after 5-10 minutes, then you know there could be a health issue.  I had a picky eater on my hands... until I got another dog, now she knows her "brother" will swoop in and gobble up her food if she doesn't eat right away.

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  • Is he drinking and peeing normally?

  • I should say that by treats I mean he got 2 yesterday. One in his Kong after I walked him yesterday at lunch and went back to work, and another at night before bed. So he's definitely not on treat overload!

    He is drinking his usual amounts and peeing. There are really no hints that he's not feeling well.

    Boomer is going on his group hike today which usually tires him out and makes him extra hungry. I'm hoping that helps!

    My only other thought is that my H has been working crazy hours lately, so I wonder if he misses him a little.

    I'll see how it goes and try taking his food away to see if that helps. I've never had to do that before as he's always eaten right away.

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  • It is important to rule out a medical issue. There are many medical reasons for a change in appetite many are serious. Please contact your veterinarian
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  • Is it a different kind of dog food?
  • He's been eating well since Wednesday night, so whatever it was, he's back to his usual hungry self! Maybe he just had an upset stomach and didn't feel like eating. Thanks for your help ladies!

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