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New puppy barking while crated

Hello.  I just got a new puppy last week who is 12 weeks old.  We are crate training her, and she's doing well (no whining or crying at night at all!).  I talked to all of my neighbors and introduced the dog to them, explained that we are crate training, and apologized in advance for any and all barking, noises, etc.  Everyone was kind and understanding except for one neighbor.  She lives right next door and I have lived in my house for 6 years and they have spoken to us twice... once to inform us that "our" retaining wall between the houses was crumbling (we fixed it ASAP) and then once a few days ago to inform me that my dog barks when I'm not home.  I NEVER leave her for anything longer than an hour or so.  I take my DD to school in the morning, maybe stop at the grocery store, and pick DD up from school in the afternoon.  I am home for most of the day. I've made sure to feed her, take her for a long walk, and give her toys and chewies in the crate while I'm gone. Everyone keeps telling me to ignore this neighbor (they are very antisocial in general and all of the other neighbors do not like them), but I still feel bad and hate to be a noisy nuisance.  I don't know what to do. I have read books and blogs and talked to other dog owners and they all say that she just needs time to get used to it.  I don't understand why she can go for 6-7 hours at night without making a peep, but the hour or so I'm gone during the day, she is a "nuisance."  Any thoughts or suggestions would be so appreciated!  Thank you!
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Re: New puppy barking while crated

  • She's asleep at night, and she probably knows everyone is at home. She may have a touch of separation anxiety. If you're not already, try giving her a stuffed frozen Kong whenever you put her in the crate for "long" periods, especially if you're leaving the house for whatever reason. 

    If you haven't already, read the FAQs (sticky thread). There is a lot of great advice on crate training, separation anxiety, and barking.

    Sorry your one neighbor is being an ass about the situation.
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  • Ditto the frozen kong suggestion - it will last a while and help tire her out.  You can also try leaving the TV or radio on for her.  One of my pups will get noisy if she hears things outside.  When we travel, we always leave the TV on for her to drown out the outside noises.

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  • Our puppy still does this and it is definitely separation issues for him. We make sure he has his favorite toy with him and other than that there is not a lot that can be done. Our neighbor says he is doing better so it just takes time.

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