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Re: Some of the posts in this thread make me nauseous.

  • sugar glider breeder, and wolf hybrids.  awesome.
    A big old middle finger to you, stupid Nest.
  • The albino hedgehog story made me sad. The way the girl talked about it in particular :(
  • damn.  I had skipped over that one.  :(
    A big old middle finger to you, stupid Nest.
  • *sigh*

    I've known nice wolf hybrids...because I have an idiot relative who bred 'em (illegal in my state but...meh, not enforced).


    But I also once went after one w/ a club because I thought either my baby sister or my dog (or, possibly, both) was going to get killed if I didn't.  (I'm thinking y'all know I'm not really the club wielding type.   This was extreme)

  • image mm1569.:
    The albino hedgehog story made me sad. The way the girl talked about it in particular :(

    I thought so too.

    I was also thrown off a bit by the hedgehog breeder comment.  Sadly I was unaware there were breeders, but I suppose anything that is sold in a pet store has to come from somewhere.

  • After fostering unwanted sugar gliders, it makes me shudder every time I see a breeder.
  • The albino hedgehog post made me particularly sad - especially her callous attitude about it giving birth.
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  • The Deer lady makes me VERY VERY angry...and all the turtle posts make me sad.  Why would you take something out of the wild?
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  • DH's family bottle raised an orphan deer and it ended up at a petting zoo (I'm not sure whether the wildlife services got involved or not). ?So if there wasn't a wildlife rehab center option, I can see fostering the deer until it was an adult. ?I'm not involved in wildlife rescue, so I don't know whether it is better to leave a fawn that you don't think is going to be taken back by its mother, or take it in and bottle feed it and basically guarantee it won't be able to go back into the wild. ?I do think it was weird to have it in the house. ?

    I think people who take turtles out of the wild deserve salmonella. ?

    I was much more concerned about all the people with pets that died or got eaten by other pets. ?That made me super sad. ??

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