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2 dogs, 3 dogs, what's the difference

I'm trying to convince my husband that there won't be a big difference between having 2 dogs or having 3 dogs. I say once you have some, one more isn't a big deal, right?

Re: 2 dogs, 3 dogs, what's the difference

  • :) I wish I could help, we have 2 dogs and cat, and DH is set that that's the limit.
  • I was just passing through and thought I would offer some things to think about. We has three large dogs and my little poodle. They eat a ton of food. We buy a huge bag of dog food about every 2 weeks They also eliminate that much more waste.


    I guess it depends on how big the dog is and how much time and money you are willing to spend. Will this dog up the food bill significantly? Will it increase the yard clean-up time?  Those are the things I think about when I think that I want another dog. HTH! Good luck with your decision. 

  • We have two boston terriers (about 20 lbs, pretty small) and I want a welsh corgi (also pretty small). Those little dogs don't eat a ton and I am willing to pay for their vets bills, etc. Sometimes its just hard to convince the husband of stuff!
  • I think it is a big difference. Three dogs can be difficult as far as the dynamics go. If all three want to be buddies on the same level it can create problems. With fostering I've often seen where Hank and the foster are buddies and the foster will see Parker as a threat. When we've had fosters that don't buddy up overly with Hank, its been fine. If I ever wanted a third, it would have to be a calmer female or a smaller breed like a bulldog.
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