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somewhat TMI about our dog

Has anyone had to get their dog's anal glands removed?  We will likely have to go this route for our pup, and I'm concerned about the recovery period.

Any insight anyone can offer would be apreciated, thanks.

Re: somewhat TMI about our dog

  • I haven't heard about anal gland removal, only anal gland expression.  From my research, it looks like fecal incontinence can happen as a result of the removal (poor sphincter tone).

    Why is your vet recommending removal?

  • My mother considered it for her previous senior pomeranian, but ultimately decided against it such it is such a risky procedure.  Most vets won't recommend it except in extreme cases (like my mother's dog and even then the vet just said he would do it, but it was still iffy) because of the risks.  I would just say definitely get at least a second opinion from another veterinary practice before proceding and possibly even a third.
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  • I will get a second opinion.  His glands are sooo irritated, and it hurts him to have them expressed every few days.  I feel really bad for the little guy.
  • Poor fella!

    What food do you feed him? Is his poop hard or soft? Does he have any bathroom trouble? Where do you take him to get them expressed?

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