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Geez 11 weeks?!

I just read one site that said house training usually take 3-4 weeks?!

 I'm on week 11 and he still has accidents!! I feel like I'm following house training to a T. Should I start poping him since just saying "no" isn't working when he is having accidents inside?

Re: Geez 11 weeks?!

  • May I add he's already learned sit, stay, shake, and laydown so is he just being hard headed?

  • Does he give signs to let you know?

  • oh yeah! He gets really loud and we take him out ASAP but sometimes he'll just run directly in front of us and squat and go! Of course we stop him mid pooh or stream and run him outside.
  • How about bell training?? how often do you take him like hours??
  • If it makes you feel better, I have one that I got at a year and a half, (2 yrs ago), and she still isn't 100%, and she is very insconsistant with signals.

    The ones who are trained were taken out frequently (so was she, but they were much younger), and one of them will not signal, but will hold it forever.  The other one will ot hold it forever, but she willl ring a bell to let us know she needs to go out, and we never actively taught her that.

    Do not pop your dog.  For anything.  It is confusing and will only make it afraid.

    The word no means nothing to dogs.  Sometimes a sound (like eh-eh or AH!) will get their attention better and distract them long enough for you to stop them and get them outside.

  • I think that perhaps if you changed your approach it might help to speed things up.  Of course it also depends on the individual dog, breed, and such, but being very specific and consistent about how you are training him will help. 


    -Don't allow him *any* unsupervised time in the house until he is fully house-trained.  If you are not directly watching him, he should be in his crate.  You can use baby gates to contain him within your vision if you are relaxing or tie him to you with a leash if you are doing stuff around the house. 

    -Take him out of the crate in certain increments (like 30 minutes or so) and immediately take him outside to potty.  (this means you go outside with him too!)  If he goes, praise and give a super yummy treat immediately after he finishes going (bring the treat with you!) that he only gets for going potty outside.  Do this everytime he goes outside for a while.  (you can phase this and the crate out later, but it is very helpful in the beginning)  Basically you want to make going outside so rewarding that they won't want to go inside. 

    -if he isn't on a feeding schedule (i.e. free feeding), then put him on a schedule. 

    -clean your house very carefully with an enzymatic cleaner designed for cleaning up pet messes.  consider going over it with a black light to look for spots you may have missed. 

    -if you catch him having an accident don't yell or reprimand him physically.  Simply try to startle him by saying 'Outside!' and running him outside to go.  Then reward him when he goes outside. 


    It's a lot of hard work in the beginning, but if you are really strict and positive about it, it will be worth it. Smile  Bella had her fair share of accidents growing up of course, but we made going outside such a rewarding experience that when she was still a puppy she waited until she got outside to have a crazy bout of diarrhea.  I still don't know how she did it, but that was the moment when I knew that going outside had just become so rewarding to her that she would always try her hardest to make it! 

    imageimage Run Fast, Run Clean! Dog is my Mantra
  • Oh, I think I should add a clarification to my comment regarding crate increments.  What I mean is if you take him out of the crate and he goes potty outside, reward and then you leave him out of the crate for a while.  If you take him outside and he doesn't go, then put him back in the crate and repeat in 20-30 minutes until he goes. 


    Once things start becoming more reliable, start increasing his time out of the crate slowly.  Make sure you still supervise though.  It's really about showing them the right thing to do (instead of what not to do) and increasing their level of responsibility slowly. 

    imageimage Run Fast, Run Clean! Dog is my Mantra
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