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Do you drink sink water at home?

This was asked on another board and I was shocked to see almost everyone does - they don't buy bottled water to drink.  What do you all do?  Is L.A. sink water different from most other places?

Oh and I always always use bottled water to make my baby's bottles..  does anyone actually use sink water for baby bottles?

Re: Do you drink sink water at home?

  • My dad is in charge of keeping the water in the LA area clean.  You are fine to drink it.  You should see the process that it goes through.
  • I don't but I live in Claremont, the water comes out the tap looking like watered down skim milk!  It was even worse when we lived in Montclair.  Thank heavens for arrowhead delivery!
  • nope, im in lakewood and ours is nasty.  i have to run it through the britta first.
  • I don't have a baby, but I would be careful of using bottled water for your baby's bottle since some bottled water does not have flouride, which of course is important in preventing tooth decay.  I would use a filtration system like Brita which takes away some of the chlorine and lead/copper that may possibly leach from pipes. 

  • I have a water system that I use for Katie and I...Matt only drinks bottled water.
  • We drink filtered tap water. I used bottled water to mix formula. Children under 1 should not have flouride. I now give my boys filtered tap water. I could not tell the difference between bottled and our tap water!

  • Northirdge reporting.... we use Arrowhead delivery for most drinks, including baby formula when we needed it.

    I do use tap for boiling water to make coffee, cooking (ie soup) and ultimately the girls consume plenty while playing in the bath.

    Our dentist recommended flouride-water or tap for some of what the girls drink.  But note...we did not start seeing the dentist before the age of 18-mo, so prior to that age...I'm not so sure.  Fenella is on to something about no flouride for kids under age 1, but I thought that was regarding toothpaste.  Please double check.

  • We use both sink water and bottled water here in pasadena, J's Dr. recommended he only drink water that has?fluoride?in it. ?So we use the tap, and nursery water. Our dentist also lives in the area and he tells me he drinks the tap water. ?It is clear, has no odor.
  • We use a bit of both bottled water and tap.
  • We had a reverse osmosis filter put in on the kitchen sink and it tastes great. I can't stand the non filtered water here.
  • we live in agoura hills - and drink the tap water no problem. it does run through the refrigerator and has a bit of a filtration system, but nothing fancy. i use that water for liam as well.

  • Reporting from Santa Clarita... We drink the filtered water from our fridge and the same to fill our coffee pot.  We use tap to boil and cook with.  I think tap is fine.
  • We're up in the Pasadena area and we run our water through one of those Brita things and keep it in the fridge.  We use tap for cooking.
  • South Bay reporting: for ordinary drinking water we use a Brita pitcher, but for coffee or cooking or making frozen juice I just use the tap. It tastes just fine --maybe a touch metallic or minerally (I can't really identify which); plus I trust that the water is clean. I've twice been on a tour of the West Basin water recycling plant for work, and there they filter sewage water and other NASTY water, and when it's done it's more pure than bottled water. They let you taste it and everything, but b/c it's recycled, it can't go back into the taps for consumption. So just think, all that effort is put into cleaning the water used to irrigate plants and whatnot -so I trust the stuff that's coming into the tap.
  • No baby yet, but we drink bottled because our pipes need to be replaced. LA water is fine to drink; I drink it at restaurants all the time.

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  • Drinking water is much more strictly regulated than bottled water - not to mention the plastic leaching into the water when you drink bottled water. ? I always drink tap - at work we use a brita filter, because of the pipes in the building.

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  • I drink it through my Brita filter pitcher.
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